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We all are interested in getting new developers on board. This only works if we review each other's work, gain each other's trust and give each other advice.

The Sponsorship queue is where a lot of exchange about this happens and where knowledge is passed on. Help out by reviewing today and help grow our community this way.

This is one of the most valuable contributions to Ubuntu!

We noted down a lot of our experience in making good reviews in our wiki. A check list for what to pay attention to, how to keep the queue clean and some decision making help is available here.

The Sponsoring Overview, which forms our review queue, can be found here.

More elaborate statistics about Ubuntu code review can be found here.

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Here is our list of heroes:

(u) = Uploader (ubuntu-dev member)
People in italics = more than 5 reviewed items
People in bold = more than 10 reviewed items
People in bold and underlined = more than 20 reviewed items
People in bold #DD4814 = more than 50 reviewed items