Bugs fixed during the Natty release cycle

This is a report of bug tasks from Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed in the Natty changes mailing list. All of the columns are sortable; give them a click! However, it might take a bit as the table is quite long.

SummaryInFixerDate CreatedDate FixedDays to Fix
673672Check with apt-get if the bookmark extension is already installedubuntuone-control-paneldaniel.holbach@ubuntu.com2010-12-132011-01-1028
673673Use apt-get with gksudo to install the extensionubuntuone-control-paneldaniel.holbach@ubuntu.com2010-12-132011-01-1028
693798u1cp should recommend u1cp-gui, and u1cp-gtk should provide itubuntuone-control-paneldaniel.holbach@ubuntu.com2010-12-232011-01-1018
693879The package lacks a .desktop fileubuntuone-control-paneldaniel.holbach@ubuntu.com2010-12-232011-01-1018
696782Start DC service in backend to make that op asynchubuntuone-control-paneldaniel.holbach@ubuntu.com2011-01-032011-01-107
703420DEB_DH_GIREPOSITORY_ARGS not passed to dh_girepository callcdbsdaniel.holbach@ubuntu.com2011-01-152011-01-172
612885Startup of gtk-recordmydesktop fails with "TrayPopupMenu instance has no attribute 'popupmenu_continueitem'" errorgtk-recordmydesktopdaniel.holbach@ubuntu.com2010-08-032011-03-10219
751517Error if filename contains spacespfstoolsdaniel.holbach@ubuntu.com2011-04-052011-04-072

A total of 8 bug tasks were fixed during Natty!

daniel.holbach@ubuntu.com has 8 fixes