Bugs fixed during the Saucy release cycle

This is a report of bug tasks from Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed in the Saucy changes mailing list. All of the columns are sortable; give them a click! However, it might take a bit as the table is quite long.

SummaryInFixerDate CreatedDate FixedDays to Fix
1158462Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse losing connectiongnome-bluetoothdaniel.holbach@ubuntu.com2013-06-222013-08-0544
1173584Qreator won't start when called with LC_ALL=Cqreatordavid.planella@ubuntu.com2013-04-272013-05-1922
1178202[needs-packaging] qreatorqreatordavid.planella@ubuntu.com2013-05-092013-10-12156

A total of 3 bug tasks were fixed during Saucy!

david.planella@ubuntu.com has 2 fixes
daniel.holbach@ubuntu.com has 1 fix