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Bugs fixed during the karmic release cycle

This is a report of bug tasks from Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed in the karmic changes mailing list that were fixed by the canonical-qa team. All of the columns are sortable; give them a click! However, it might take a bit depending on the length of the table.

SummaryInFixerDate CreatedDate FixedDays to Fix
399017bug reports would benefit from an apport package hookrss-glxbrian@ubuntu.com2009-07-132009-07-141
398007bug reports would benefit from an apport package hookxscreensaverbrian@ubuntu.com2009-07-102009-07-144
396531bughelper crashed with TypeError in __init__() - Read only attributepython-launchpad-bugsbrian@ubuntu.com2009-07-072009-07-2316
297470pwgen ignores "symbols" command line optionpwgenbrian@ubuntu.com2008-11-132009-08-05265
409422bitlbee 1.2.3-2 uninstallable due to glibc 2.9 -> 2.10 updatebitlbeebrian@ubuntu.com2009-08-052009-08-050
412871python-gnome2-desktop dependency is deprecatedldtpara@ubuntu.com2009-08-132009-08-130
412882Please update ldtp to 1.7ldtpara@ubuntu.com2009-08-132009-08-130
413427Please update ldtp to 1.7.1ldtpara@ubuntu.com2009-08-142009-08-140
399423id3lib-3.8.3 crashes in ID3_TagHeader::Size()id3lib3.8.3brian@ubuntu.com2009-07-142009-08-1532
384579Linux thinks there’s a floppy drive when there’s not. Probing slows down bootup by almost a minute.devicekit-diskssbeattie@ubuntu.com2009-08-132009-08-218
364896deprecated os.popen3 warning in bughelperbughelperbrian@ubuntu.com2009-04-212009-08-24125
415108Online Installation Guide contains link to page with pornographyinstallation-guidebrian@ubuntu.com2009-08-172009-08-2811
420931zsync crashes with SIGSEGV when updating dvdszsyncsbeattie@ubuntu.com2009-08-292009-09-0911
447456Syntax error in nagios-nrpe-server init script.nagios-nrpebrian@ubuntu.com2009-10-092009-10-156
403286mini-httpd sysv init script now requires bashmini-httpdsbeattie@ubuntu.com2009-07-232009-10-1685
389633package svk (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/etc/bash_completion.d/svk', which is also in package bash-completionsvksbeattie@ubuntu.com2009-06-192009-10-25128

A total of 16 bug tasks were fixed by the canonical-qa team!

brian@ubuntu.com has 9 fixes
sbeattie@ubuntu.com has 4 fixes
ara@ubuntu.com has 3 fixes