Mago Tests Report

This are the results from a run of Mago Desktop Tests. If you find false positives, please, report bugs against Mago project.

Sound And Video
Tests that verify Sound And Video applications in the Ubuntu menu
TestCase NameDescriptionMethodStatusTime Elapsed (s)MessageScreenshotStacktrace
Open BraseroIt opens the Brasero menu and closes the application.testOpenMenuPassed2.63523292542
Open Movie PlayerIt opens the Movie Player menu and closes the application.testOpenMenuPassed4.08570599556
Open Rhythmbox Music PlayerIt opens the Rhythmbox Music Player and closes the application.testOpenMenuPassed3.21162700653
Open Sound RecorderIt opens the Sound Recorder menu and closes the application.testOpenMenuPassed3.88766598701
Open Pitivi Video EditorIt opens the Pitivi Video Editor menu and closes the application.testOpenMenuPassed3.72379016876