Mago Tests Report

This are the results from a run of Mago Desktop Tests. If you find false positives, please, report bugs against Mago project.

Tests that verifies Banshee functionalities.
TestCase NameDescriptionMethodStatusTime Elapsed (s)MessageScreenshotStacktrace
Import extended m3uImport an extended m3u playlistimport_extended_m3u
Import extended plsImport an extended pls playlistimport_extended_pls
Import simple m3uImport a simple m3u playlistimport_simple_m3u
Import simple plsImport a simple pls playlistimport_simple_pls
Add PodcastAdd a Podcast into bansheeadd_podcast
MiroLoad the Podcast directory - Miro Guidetest_miro_guide
SmartPlayListCreate an smart Playlist with UTF8 characterscreate_smart_playlist
Play FilePlay a file and verify it worksplay_file

The suite had an error in the setup, teardown or cleanup methods.

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