Mago Tests Report

This are the results from a run of Mago Desktop Tests. If you find false positives, please, report bugs against Mago project.

Tests which verify Gnome_search_to basics functionality.
TestCase NameDescriptionMethodStatusTime Elapsed (s)MessageScreenshotStacktrace
UTF8 SearchSearch for an UTF8 filesearch_forPassed12.3234219551
Search RTL HebrewSearch for a file with RTL name in Hebrewsearch_forPassed11.0327839851
Search RTL ArabicSearch for a file with RTL name in Arabicsearch_forPassed10.8929200172
Search with wildcardSearch for files with .ogg extensionsearch_on_filesystemPassed5.93349409103
Search on FilesystemSearch for a newly created file trough the filesystemsearch_new_file_on_filesystem
Enable all optionsEnable all the search optionsenable_all_options

The suite had an error in the setup, teardown or cleanup methods.

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