Mago Tests Report

This are the results from a run of Mago Desktop Tests. If you find false positives, please, report bugs against Mago project.

Tests which verify Nautilus basics functionality.
TestCase NameDescriptionMethodStatusTime Elapsed (s)MessageScreenshotStacktrace
test_move_to_trashTest that move to trash workstest_move_to_trashPassed14.2964639664
test_empty_trashTest that empty thrash workstest_empty_trashScript Error13.1976459026Could not find a child name "btnEmptyTrash" screenshots/screenshot-04-06-2011-12-44-1302086686.png [Show/Hide Stacktrace]
test_hidden_filesTest that showing the hidden files workstest_hidden_filesScript Error0.504061937332Unable to find window "frmhome"screenshots/screenshot-04-06-2011-12-44-1302086687.png [Show/Hide Stacktrace]
zoom_inTest that Zoom In/Out workstest_zoomScript Error0.482503890991Unable to find window "frmhome"screenshots/screenshot-04-06-2011-12-44-1302086687.png [Show/Hide Stacktrace]
change_viewsChange the views of nautiluschange_views
test_add_bookmarkTest that adding bookmark workstest_add_bookmark
test_remove_bookmarkTest that removing a bookmark workstest_remove_bookmark
arrange_byTest that the arrange by workstest_arrangeby
test_toolbarsTest the toolbarstest_toolbars
test_ftpTest that connect to FTP workstest_ftp
test_sshTest that connect to SSH workstest_ssh
test_webdavTest that connects to a WebDAV workstest_webdav
test_preferencesTest the preferences dialogtest_preferences
about_dialogVerify that the about dialog launchestestAboutdialog

The suite had an error in the setup, teardown or cleanup methods.

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