Mago Tests Report

This are the results from a run of Mago Desktop Tests. If you find false positives, please, report bugs against Mago project.

Tests that verify different actions with the Update Manager application in Ubuntu
TestCase NameDescriptionMethodStatusTime Elapsed (s)MessageScreenshotStacktrace
Unselect AllIt selects no updates and checks if the size of the download equals 0Btest_unselect_allPassed0.135897874832
Update NoneIt checks twice for updates but it does not update anything. #updates should be equal.test_update_nonePassed101.375880003
Update FirstIt install the first available update. It checks that it is not on the list after the update.test_update_firstTest Failed85.4073829651The update GObject introspection data for the libsoup HTTP library was not correctly installed.screenshots/screenshot-04-06-2011-12-55-1302087301.png [Show/Hide Stacktrace]