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Precise Jaunty
Oneiric Karmic
Natty Hardy
Maverick Unknown


Alberto Milone Andy Whitcroft
Anthony Wong Ara Pulido
Brad Figg Canonical Hardware Enablement Project Management Team
Canonical Kernel Team Chris Van Hoof
Colin King David Henningsson
Herton R. Krzesinski Ike Panhc
James M. Leddy Jesse Sung
Kamal Mostafa Keng-Y Lin
Leann Ogasawara Li Li
Manoj Iyer Marc Legris
Ming Lei Robert Hooker
Seth Forshee Sinval
Stefan Bader Tim Chen
Tim Gardner Timo Aaltonen
Tyler Hicks Unknown
dann frazier mastapat11


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Oneiric Bugs
Bug Summary Importance Status Assignee Series CO SU AM Heat Nominations

Column Description
Bug Launchpad Bug number and a link the the Launchpad Bug.
Summary 'summary' or 'title' from the bug.
Importance Bug task's importance.
Status Bug task's status.
Assignee Person or team assigned to work on the bug.
Series Ubuntu series name the bug was found in.
CO Number of comments added to the bug.
SU Number of subscribers to the bug.
AM Number of people that have indicated "affects me".
Heat Launchpad Heat calculation.
NominationsA list of all the series the bug has been nominated for.

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