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2015-05-21 lp:~lazyranma/ubuntu/wily/g15daemon/ sru g15daemon (wily, Harvest) unseeded branches seb128 1 comments universe 2015-05-21
2015-06-14 lp:~brian-turek/ubuntu/trusty/openvswitch/fix-for-1314887 fix-for-1314887 sru openvswitch (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server branches brian-turek 1 comments main 2015-06-14
2015-08-13 lp:~e7appew/ubuntu/vivid/bombono-dvd/mux-files-with-spaces mux-files-with-spaces sru bombono-dvd (vivid, Harvest) unseeded branches seb128 1 comments universe 2015-08-13
2015-09-16 Default values for WAIT_STATE are wrong in the upstart wait-for-state job 1465386 upstart (Harvest) core bugs rarylson Confirmed Medium main 2015-06-15
2015-09-21 lp:~reversiblean/ubuntu/wily/sndfile-tools/fix-for-1394231 fix-for-1394231 sru sndfile-tools (wily, Harvest) kubuntu branches mdeslaur 1 comments universe 2015-09-21
2015-09-24 Fix subsequent cmake runs when using multi-arch 1472314 cmake (Harvest) core bugs aleixpol-kde New Medium main 2015-07-07
2015-09-24 motd not updating 766827 update-motd (Harvest) core bugs thuejk Confirmed Medium main 2011-04-20
2015-09-24 /etc/bash_command_not_found is utterly broken 1479805 command-not-found (Harvest) core bugs c.hey In Progress Low main 2015-07-30
2015-10-13 winbindd does not provide geocs to libnss_winbind in ad configuration with winbind nss info = template (default) 1388091 samba (Harvest) core bugs seb128 New Medium main 2014-10-31
2015-10-15 Wily (15.10) this package got not compiled with __cxx11 support 1501300 sru llvm-toolchain-3.4 (wily, Harvest) kubuntu bugs matthias-l In Progress Medium universe 2015-09-30
2015-10-24 decrypt_gnupg prompt does not accept any keyboard input 885358 cryptsetup (Harvest) core bugs seb128 Confirmed Medium main 2011-11-02
2015-10-26 boot-time race between /etc/network/if-up.d/ntpdate and "/etc/init.d/ntp start" 1125726 ntp (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs ccope Confirmed Medium main 2013-02-15
2015-11-02 [patch] Update to fix minibuf-electric.el for Emacs 24 1313199 emacs-goodies-el (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs karl.hegbloom New Low main 2014-04-26
2015-11-03 Redundant Comparison in libmng_zlib.c 1512617 libmng (Harvest) core bugs seb128 New Low main 2015-11-03
2015-11-03 A patch for collecting swap utilization in openvz 1372750 collectd (Harvest) unseeded bugs mgedmin Confirmed Low universe 2014-09-23
2015-11-10 lp:~hopem/neutron/kilo-lp1498370 kilo-lp1498370 neutron (upstream) ubuntu-server branches hopem main 2015-11-10
2015-11-13 splitpatch hangs on the first patch I tried it on 1515927 sru splitpatch (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs timo-jyrinki New Medium universe 2015-11-13
2015-11-13 nano segfaults as root after upgrade to 15.10 1509081 nano (Harvest) core bugs art-khassanov Confirmed High main 2015-10-22
2015-11-13 Autofs 5.1.1-1ubuntu2 crashes with segfault on startup 1503034 sru autofs (wily, Harvest) core bugs erlkonig-talisman New High main 2015-10-05
2015-11-13 Ubiquity facilitate attack on crypto LUKS 1506995 ubiquity (Harvest) security bugs psusi Triaged Wishlist main 2015-10-16
2015-11-13 unable to properly install backuppc on wily 15.10 1515986 backuppc (Harvest) core bugs dholbach Incomplete High main 2015-11-13
2015-11-17 Cups SSL is vulernable to POODLE 1505328 sru cups (trusty, Harvest) security bugs bryanquigley Triaged High main 2015-10-12
2015-11-17 Cups SSL is vulernable to POODLE 1505328 sru cups (trusty, Harvest) core bugs bryanquigley Triaged High main 2015-10-12
2015-11-20 lp:~fourdollars/unity-settings-daemon/fix-lowest-brightness fix-lowest-brightness unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches fourdollars main 2015-11-20
2015-11-20 lp:~brunonova/ubuntu/trusty/ibus/lp1240198_2 lp1240198_2 sru ibus (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,input-methods,kubuntu branches dholbach 1 comments main 2015-11-20
2015-11-23 libpam-sshauth dropped support for publickey authentication 1507798 sru libpam-sshauth (trusty, vivid, wily, xenial, Harvest) unseeded bugs slashd In Progress Low universe 2015-10-19
2015-11-24 unicode-math package results in Undefined control sequence \__um_set_big_operator:nnn 1519152 texlive-extra (Harvest) core bugs anders-kaseorg New Medium main 2015-11-24
2015-11-24 Please merge suitesparse 1:4.4.5-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1518985 merge suitesparse (Harvest) desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs didrocks Confirmed Wishlist main 2015-11-23
2015-11-25 "boot error" due to gcc v5 transition 1507002 syslinux (Harvest) core bugs tj Triaged Critical main 2015-10-16
2015-11-25 Poodle TLS1.0 issue in Trusty (and Precise) 1510163 sru gnutls26 (precise, trusty, Harvest) security bugs bryanquigley Triaged High main 2015-10-26
2015-11-26 patch - fix logic flaw, make seahorse-tool's encrypt command work 1394582 libcryptui (Harvest) unseeded bugs mathew-hodson Triaged Medium universe 2014-11-20
2015-11-26 lp:~3v1n0/nautilus/add-timestamp-operations add-timestamp-operations nautilus (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches 3v1n0 main 2015-11-26


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