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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2015-09-16 Default values for WAIT_STATE are wrong in the upstart wait-for-state job 1465386 sru upstart (trusty) core bugs pitti Incomplete Medium main 2015-06-15
2015-10-24 decrypt_gnupg prompt does not accept any keyboard input 885358 cryptsetup () core bugs laney Confirmed Medium main 2011-11-02
2016-02-26 [PowerVM] Ubuntu 16.04 does not install bootloader on multiple PReP partitions in Software RAID1 configuration 1550448 sru grub-installer (trusty) core bugs bugproxy Triaged High main 2016-02-26
2016-03-06 Desktop file does not open ImageMagick from the menu 1550210 imagemagick () desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs rosco2 Triaged Medium main 2016-02-26
2016-03-14 lp:~chrisccoulson/unity-settings-daemon/lp1542699 lp1542699 unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches chrisccoulson main 2016-03-14
2016-03-14 lp:~noorez-kassam/ubuntu/trusty/initramfs-tools/fix-for-1317437 fix-for-1317437 sru initramfs-tools (trusty) core branches noorez-kassam main 2016-03-14
2016-04-19 libsdl2:i386 needs egl-mesa 1536081 sru libsdl2 (trusty) ubuntukylin,lubuntu bugs costamagnagianfranco New Medium universe 2016-01-20
2016-05-05 setupcon looks for VARIANT in wrong path: /usr/etc/default/ 1578540 console-setup () core bugs mwhudson New Medium main 2016-05-05
2016-05-21 lp:~mdminhazulhaque/ubuntu/trusty/cutecom/launcherfix launcherfix sru cutecom (trusty) unseeded branches mdminhazulhaque universe 2016-05-21
2016-05-26 WiFi malfunction after suspend & resume stress - sudo wpa_cli scan required to fix it. 1585863 network-manager () ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs sicofante Confirmed High main 2016-05-26
2016-05-27 constantly shows wrong temperature (99°C ) 1581594 libatasmart () ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs psusi In Progress Medium main 2016-05-13
2016-06-05 xz-utils package is really, really old and should be updated to 5.2.2 with multi-core support 1493999 upgrade xz-utils () core bugs kamilion Confirmed Wishlist main 2015-09-09
2016-06-13 [needs-packaging] CloudKitty 1480315 ubuntu () unseeded bugs gpocentek Confirmed Wishlist universe 2015-07-31
2016-06-20 [needs packaging] arc-firefox-theme 1594596 ubuntu () unseeded bugs fossfreedom In Progress Wishlist universe 2016-06-20
2016-06-28 privacy settings: remove history datetimepicker not working 1303508 activity-log-manager () ubuntu-desktop bugs yaroslav-chagovets In Progress Medium main 2014-04-06
2016-07-01 font glyph corruption on dialog box 1575000 sru xorg-server (xenial) desktop-core,xorg bugs tjaalton Incomplete High main 2016-04-26
2016-07-11 psensor CPU usage jumps when graph window loses focus 1582930 psensor () unseeded bugs jfi Confirmed Low universe 2016-05-17
2016-07-14 Mouse cursor lost when unlocking with Intel graphics 1568604 sru xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-xenial (trusty) unseeded bugs yomeuh Confirmed High main 2016-04-10
2016-07-28 Sync ldc 1:1.1.0-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1607432 sync ldc () unseeded bugs ximion Fix Committed Wishlist universe 2016-07-28
2016-07-28 [needs packaging] budgie-welcome 1607546 ubuntu () unseeded bugs fossfreedom In Progress Wishlist universe 2016-07-28
2016-07-31 "Could not connect to server" displayed when the HTTP_PROXY environment variable is set 994960 openbve () cli-mono bugs crichton New Medium universe 2012-05-05
2016-07-31 please merge openssl from Debian 1608200 merge openssl () core bugs costamagnagianfranco New Wishlist main 2016-07-31
2016-08-08 pmp-check-unix-memory stopped working because of new output from free 1610878 nagios-plugins-contrib () unseeded bugs christianbiamont Confirmed Medium universe 2016-08-08
2016-08-11 missing dependency on software-properties-kde 1612392 muon () kubuntu bugs silhusk Confirmed Low universe 2016-08-11
2016-08-13 cryptsetup does not support ZFS 1612906 cryptsetup () core bugs rlaager New Wishlist main 2016-08-13
2016-08-17 imapproxy out of date 1614062 upgrade up-imapproxy () unseeded bugs crichton New Wishlist universe 2016-08-17
2016-08-18 Build and distribute intel-virtual-output 1247528 sru xserver-xorg-video-intel (trusty) desktop-core,xorg bugs daniel-gimpelevich In Progress Wishlist main 2013-11-03
2016-08-18 netcfg defaults hostname to DHCPv6-provided NTP server address 1614514 netcfg () core bugs crichton New Medium main 2016-08-18
2016-08-22 IRC message truncation 1615602 pidgin () kubuntu bugs senya New Low universe 2016-08-22
2016-08-24 Azure Linux Agent (WALA) 2.1.5 Released 1603581 upgrade, sru walinuxagent (trusty, xenial) ubuntu-cloud,ubuntu-server bugs danis New Undecided main 2016-07-15
2016-08-26 please merge choose-mirror from debian 1617173 merge choose-mirror () core bugs costamagnagianfranco New Wishlist main 2016-08-26
2016-08-27 MySQL Server installation freezes if root password contains a single quote (apostrophe) 1598992 sru mysql-5.7 (xenial) core bugs via-web New High main 2016-07-05
2016-08-27 python-mapnik built without cairo support 1617542 sru python-mapnik (xenial) unseeded bugs tomhughes Incomplete Wishlist universe 2016-08-27
2016-08-28 gcin didnt work in gnome-terminal after updating ubuntu 1617505 gcin () input-methods bugs czchen Confirmed Medium universe 2016-08-27
2016-08-31 [Ffe] Sync underscore 1.8.3~dfsg-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1618904 underscore () ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs mitya57 New Wishlist main 2016-08-31
2016-08-31 [FFe] "Querying installed files" process on start-up takes abnormally long (~20minutes) 1579536 sru font-manager (xenial) ubuntustudio bugs gunnarhj Triaged High universe 2016-05-08
2016-09-02 [SRU] Puppet master fails with 'stack level too deep' error when storeconfigs = true 1313595 sru puppet (trusty) unseeded bugs mathew-hodson New Medium main 2014-04-28
2016-09-02 lp:~daniel-thewatkins/livecd-rootfs/label-function label-function livecd-rootfs (upstream) desktop-core branches daniel-thewatkins main 2016-09-02
2016-09-02 cannot open shared object file 1596486 sru muse (xenial) unseeded bugs jcowgill Triaged High universe 2016-06-27
2016-09-02 sametime login from pidgin problem with libmeanwhile1 library issue 1590074 meanwhile () kubuntu bugs breno-leitao Confirmed Medium universe 2016-06-07
2016-09-04 Sync gnustep-gui 0.25.0-4 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1620037 sync gnustep-gui () unseeded bugs dholbach New Wishlist universe 2016-09-04
2016-09-04 systemd service file dependancy is broken 1534882 sru kimchi (xenial) unseeded bugs crichton New Medium universe 2016-01-16
2016-09-08 'multipath -r' causes /dev/mapper/<wwid> being removed 1621340 sru multipath-tools (xenial) core bugs cbjchen In Progress Medium main 2016-09-08
2016-09-09 backuppc 3.3.1-2ubuntu3 breaks pool graphs on the Status page 1612600 backuppc () core bugs trevellyan Triaged Low main 2016-08-12
2016-09-09 vm startup broken when interface definition has script tag 1620407 libvirt () virt,ubuntu-server bugs crichton Triaged Medium main 2016-09-05
2016-09-10 Murano API service contains errors in log file after service start 1621936 sru murano (xenial) openstack bugs crichton New Medium universe 2016-09-09
2016-09-10 python-murano-dashboard does not contain all required files 1621972 murano-dashboard () openstack bugs janitor Confirmed Medium universe 2016-09-09
2016-09-15 missing or duplicate lines caused by a wrapped line with wide characters 1562308 less () core bugs cosmos-door Confirmed Medium main 2016-03-26
2016-09-15 cannot load legacy-only plugin 1578193 network-manager-strongswan () unseeded bugs dholbach Confirmed Undecided universe 2016-05-04
2016-09-16 mimedefang: md-mx-ctrl reread does not work 1624394 sru mimedefang (xenial) unseeded bugs rlaager New High universe 2016-09-16
2016-09-16 Please sync mozc 2.18.2595.102+dfsg-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1624369 sync mozc () ubuntu-desktop,input-methods bugs dholbach In Progress Wishlist main 2016-09-16
2016-09-17 [yakkety+1] please merge tcpdump from debian 1624633 tcpdump () core bugs costamagnagianfranco New Wishlist main 2016-09-17
2016-09-17 please merge notmuch form debian 1624637 merge notmuch () unseeded bugs costamagnagianfranco New Wishlist main 2016-09-17
2016-09-19 [FFe] sdl1.2 needs mir support patch 1432741 libsdl1.2 () ubuntu-server,edubuntu bugs brandontschaefer In Progress Medium main 2015-03-16
2016-09-21 dhclient -6: Can't bind to dhcp address: Cannot assign requested address 1447715 sru ifupdown (xenial) core bugs ddstreet In Progress Medium main 2015-04-23
2016-09-29 Please backport fixes from 10.2.3 and tip for RadosGW 1628750 sru ceph (xenial) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs james-page Fix Committed Critical main 2016-09-29
2016-09-29 yakkety 1.8.2+nmu1ubuntu1 does not install due to changed chrome keys 1628247 pepperflashplugin-nonfree () unseeded bugs henrik-hw0 Incomplete Undecided multiverse 2016-09-27
2016-10-04 SRU: Status Bar Covers File Name at Bottom 797485 sru nautilus (xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs flexiondotorg In Progress Medium main 2011-06-15
2016-10-04 Gimp crashes with text tool & caps lock 1576424 sru gtk+2.0 (xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs flexiondotorg In Progress High main 2016-04-28
2016-10-04 New upstream release available 1584310 upgrade libdrumstick () unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Wishlist universe 2016-05-21
2016-10-05 Glance image properties not copied to cinder volume with glance V2 API 1323660 sru cinder (trusty) openstack,ubuntu-server bugs xtrusia In Progress Medium main 2014-05-27
2016-10-07 Bracketed paste should be per-terminal [PATCH] 1506166 sru vte (trusty, xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs laney New Medium main 2015-10-14
2016-10-09 gspell does not include translations 1631754 gspell () unseeded bugs jbicha Triaged High main 2016-10-09
2016-10-10 Mouse settings missing from Mouse & Touchpad dialog 1132063 unity-control-center () ubuntu-desktop bugs pelle-ekh Triaged High main 2013-02-23
2016-10-11 Sync llvm-toolchain-3.6 1:3.6.2-4 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1632357 sync llvm-toolchain-3.6 () ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs costamagnagianfranco New Wishlist main 2016-10-11
2016-10-13 loadkeys segfaults with certain arguments in 16.10 1631504 kbd () core bugs crichton New High main 2016-10-07
2016-10-17 Sync knopflerfish-osgi 5.2.0-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1634241 sync knopflerfish-osgi () unseeded bugs fnatter New Wishlist universe 2016-10-17
2016-10-19 Mnemosyne fails to start in Yakkety due to missing PyQt4-WebKit 1633725 mnemosyne () unseeded bugs ellisistfroh Confirmed High universe 2016-10-15
2016-10-19 [SRU] AttributeError: 'Requirement' object has no attribute 'project_name' 1626258 sru python-pip (zesty, yakkety, xenial) unseeded bugs freyes Triaged High universe 2016-09-21
2016-10-19 lp:~nacc/ubuntu-dev-tools/update-vcs update-vcs ubuntu-dev-tools (upstream) unseeded branches nacc universe 2016-10-19
2016-10-20 [SRU] Syntax error 'type' in neutron-linuxbridge-cleanup.service 1606652 sru neutron (xenial) openstack,ubuntu-server bugs corey.bryant In Progress Undecided main 2016-07-26
2016-10-21 Sync cmst 2016.10.03-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1635705 sync cmst () unseeded bugs tsimonq2 New Wishlist universe 2016-10-21
2016-10-23 aptitude cannot display changelog : origin of $package is unknown 1583226 aptitude () core bugs crichton Confirmed Medium main 2016-05-18
2016-10-23 freeplane fails to start in ubuntu 16.10 amd64 1631361 sru knopflerfish-osgi (yakkety) unseeded bugs crichton Confirmed High universe 2016-10-07
2016-10-23 atril-thumbnailer crashed with SIGSEGV in cmsGetColorSpace() 1635812 poppler () desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs crichton Confirmed Medium main 2016-10-22
2016-10-23 lp:~manzurmm/update-manager/update-manager update-manager update-manager (upstream) core branches manzurmm main 2016-10-23
2016-10-23 [needs packaging] budgie-desktop-environment 1594603 ubuntu () unseeded bugs fossfreedom In Progress Wishlist universe 2016-06-20
2016-10-24 Xenial 32-bit: multipath exits with SIGSEGV 1611360 sru multipath-tools (yakkety, xenial) core bugs jgrimm In Progress High main 2016-08-09
2016-10-24 SIGPIPE not caught in do_atfork_child() 1397250 sru libnss-ldap (trusty) unseeded bugs jgrimm In Progress High main 2014-11-28


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