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2017-03-25 lp:~cosmos-door/unity-settings-daemon/lp1514544-zesty lp1514544-zesty unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntukylin,mythbuntu branches cosmos-door universe 2017-03-25
2017-04-27 USB devices are not closed when error occurs 1642812 sru fwupd (xenial) desktop-core bugs amribrahim1987 New Undecided main 2016-11-18
2017-05-04 lp:~xnox/ubuntu-seeds/unity8-removals unity8-removals ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches laney 14 comments, (Needs Information, Needs Fixing, Needs Fixing, Approve) universe 2017-05-04
2017-05-08 Headerbar used as toolbars in unity are missing proper css classes 1689239 gnome-software () ubuntu-desktop bugs janitor In Progress High main 2017-05-08
2017-05-08 usermod's man refers to --*-sub-uids but accepts only --*-subuids 1427807 shadow () core bugs gsilvapt Triaged Medium main 2015-03-03
2017-05-10 lp:~kaihengfeng/unity-settings-daemon/lp1683445 lp1683445 unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntukylin,mythbuntu branches kaihengfeng universe 2017-05-10
2017-05-10 maas install fails inside of a 16.04 lxd container due to avahi problems 1661869 avahi () core bugs kirkland In Progress High main 2017-02-04
2017-05-23 gzip compression broken in UniFi (built-in tomcat) 1692870 sru zlib (zesty) core bugs janitor Confirmed High main 2017-05-23
2017-06-07 [Xenial][ DW5816e] to support qmi over mbim which needed for FCC authentication. 1693756 modemmanager () ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs alextu New Undecided main 2017-05-26
2017-06-26 gnome-help/ link to removed files 1696418 sru gnome-user-docs (trusty) ubuntu-desktop,personal-gunnarhj bugs gunnarhj In Progress Medium main 2017-06-07
2017-06-30 Ship ubuntu-advantage in ubuntu-minimal 1686183 sru ubuntu-meta (zesty, trusty, artful, xenial) core bugs janitor New Undecided main 2017-04-25
2017-07-03 unattended-upgrades does not block shutdown of system, as it is designed to 1690980 sru apt (zesty, xenial) core bugs rbalint Triaged Critical main 2017-05-16
2017-07-04 lp:~3v1n0/unity-control-center/grouped-compiz-gsettings-support-x grouped-compiz-gsettings-support-x unity-control-center (upstream) ubuntukylin,mythbuntu branches azzar1 1 comments, (Approve) universe 2017-07-04
2017-07-25 lp:~bryanquigley/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.artful ubuntu.artful ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches bryanquigley universe 2017-07-25
2017-08-10 Percona crashes when doing a a 'larger' update 1657256 sru percona-xtradb-cluster-5.5 (zesty, trusty, artful, xenial) unseeded bugs 1chb1n Confirmed Medium universe 2017-01-17
2017-08-16 lp:~cosmos-door/friendly-recovery/lp1707426 lp1707426 friendly-recovery (upstream) core branches cosmos-door main 2017-08-16
2017-08-18 lp:~xnox/console-setup/drop-upstart drop-upstart console-setup (upstream) core branches seb128 1 comments main 2017-08-18
2017-08-25 Docker plugin uses the wrong command for Ubuntu 1693574 sru sosreport (zesty, trusty, artful, xenial) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server bugs slashd In Progress Medium main 2017-05-25
2017-08-30 Please merge ncurses 6.0+20161126-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1637239 merge ncurses () core bugs tsimonq2 Confirmed Wishlist main 2016-10-27
2017-09-05 Encrypted home support 1699216 accountsservice () ubuntu-desktop,personal-gunnarhj bugs jackpot51 Confirmed Wishlist main 2017-06-20
2017-09-06 Sync sdformat 4.3.2-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1715448 sync sdformat () unseeded bugs j-rivero New Wishlist universe 2017-09-06
2017-09-07 Please sync psi-plus 1.2.71-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1715597 sync psi-plus () unseeded bugs tsimonq2 New Undecided universe 2017-09-07
2017-09-07 Please sync psi-plus-l10n 1.2.39-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main) 1715600 sync psi-plus-l10n () unseeded bugs tehnick New Undecided universe 2017-09-07
2017-09-07 GTK+3 doesn't show FUSE network shares in file chooser 1714518 gtk+3.0 () ubuntu-desktop bugs colin-colino In Progress Low main 2017-09-01
2017-09-11 Synaptic backend doesn't work in apturl 1338482 apturl () ubuntu-desktop bugs crichton Confirmed Medium main 2014-07-07
2017-09-11 intltool confused by separate build-dir 1117944 intltool () ubuntu-desktop bugs aleksander-m Confirmed High main 2013-02-07
2017-09-12 pykerberos for trusty does not include CVE-2015-3206 fix 1716429 sru pykerberos (trusty) security bugs seth-arnold Confirmed Medium universe 2017-09-11
2017-09-18 [CVEs] Creates executables class files with wrong permissions, Unsafe deserialization leads to code execution 1714728 sru jython (zesty, trusty, xenial) security bugs tsimonq2 In Progress High universe 2017-09-03
2017-09-18 Gthumb another app with menubar 1717683 gthumb () desktop-extra bugs fossfreedom In Progress Undecided universe 2017-09-16
2017-09-18 rustc control file contains unsupported restriction formulas in control file 1716047 rustc () unseeded bugs cfs New Undecided universe 2017-09-08
2017-09-19 lp:~jbicha/livecd-rootfs/drop-ubuntu-gnome drop-ubuntu-gnome livecd-rootfs (upstream) desktop-core branches jbicha main 2017-09-19
2017-09-20 lp:~mwhudson/livecd-rootfs/server-live-disable-console-spam server-live-disable-console-spam livecd-rootfs (upstream) desktop-core branches mwhudson main 2017-09-20
2017-09-20 Please merge unattended-upgrades 0.97 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1718419 unattended-upgrades () desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs rbalint Confirmed Undecided main 2017-09-20
2017-09-20 VLAN network script if-up.d/ip limits rp_filter value to 0 or 1 1716964 sru vlan (zesty, trusty, xenial) core bugs janitor In Progress Medium main 2017-09-13
2017-09-20 update-initramfs fails for MODULES=dep when root is on LVM wich uses nvme device 1718055 sru initramfs-tools (trusty) core bugs crichton In Progress Medium main 2017-09-18
2017-09-20 [GTK+3 build] Sticky Notes - Can't select text in note 1675581 mate-applets () ubuntu-mate bugs crichton Confirmed Undecided universe 2017-03-23
2017-09-20 [FFe]: Include FIPS into the ubuntu-advantage tool 1718291 upgrade ubuntu-advantage-tools () unseeded bugs vorlon Triaged Undecided universe 2017-09-19
2017-09-20 Sync libgd2 2.2.5-3 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1718521 sync libgd2 () desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs rbalint New Undecided main 2017-09-20


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