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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2016-02-26 ZFS: Set elevator=noop on disks in the root pool 1550301 zfs-linux () core bugs rlaager In Progress Medium main 2016-02-26
2017-01-04 Sync to Debian for -ldap, drop Ubuntu's -auth-client 1646954 sync ldap-auth-client () unseeded bugs nacc New Wishlist universe 2016-12-02
2017-02-28 Add a trigger to reload rsyslog when a new configuration file is dropped in /etc/rsyslog.d 1668639 sru rsyslog (yakkety, trusty, xenial) core bugs louis New Wishlist main 2017-02-28
2017-03-01 [FFe] Unity Mail 1668769 unity-mail () unseeded bugs mitya57 Fix Committed Wishlist universe 2017-02-28
2017-03-11 networkd should allow configuring IPV6 MTU 1671951 systemd () core bugs raharper New Medium main 2017-03-10
2017-03-21 GnuTLS TLS 1.2 handshake failure 1444656 sru gnutls26 (trusty) unseeded bugs sdl Triaged High main 2015-04-15
2017-03-21 Deprecated rfcomm.conf still mentioned in bluetooth.conf and README 1674680 sru bluez (yakkety, xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs chiluk New Low main 2017-03-21
2017-03-22 Please transition to Boost 1.62 1675138 sru mir (xenial) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs rbalint Fix Committed Undecided main 2017-03-22
2017-03-23 [FFe] sdl1.2 needs mir support patch 1432741 libsdl1.2 () ubuntu-server,edubuntu bugs costamagnagianfranco In Progress Medium main 2015-03-16
2017-03-25 cannot create multi postfix instance by postmulti command 1595096 sru postfix (xenial) core bugs jgrimm In Progress Medium main 2016-06-22
2017-03-25 lp:~cosmos-door/unity-settings-daemon/lp1514544-zesty lp1514544-zesty unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches cosmos-door main 2017-03-25
2017-03-30 Power indicator favours 'not present' mouse over laptop battery level 1100546 sru indicator-power (xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs fourdollars New Medium main 2013-01-16
2017-03-30 /usr/bin/corosync-blackbox: 34: /usr/bin/corosync-blackbox: qb-blackbox: not found 1677684 sru corosync (yakkety, trusty, xenial) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server bugs niedbalski In Progress Medium main 2017-03-30
2017-03-30 kcm_driver_manager: Infinitely shows Collecting information 1530523 sru libqapt (xenial) kubuntu bugs mathew-hodson Triaged Low universe 2016-01-02
2017-04-04 lp:~3v1n0/unity-control-center/unity-lowgfx-support unity-lowgfx-support unity-control-center (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches 3v1n0 main 2017-04-04
2017-04-05 Desktop name order in XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP for Unity 1680008 gnome-session () ubuntu-desktop bugs muktupavels New Low main 2017-04-05
2017-04-06 mongosniff crashes on start 1584431 sru mongodb (yakkety, xenial) mozilla bugs powersj In Progress Medium universe 2016-05-22
2017-04-07 Autopkgtest fails on s390x due to long PATH in test config 1680577 autopkgtest () core bugs pitti In Progress Medium main 2017-04-06
2017-04-14 crash in, AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'unlink' 1652641 apt-xapian-index () kubuntu bugs crichton Confirmed Medium universe 2016-12-26
2017-04-17 New version freeglut 3.0.0 1683285 upgrade freeglut () ubuntustudio bugs jbicha Incomplete Wishlist universe 2017-04-17
2017-04-19 iBFT network configuration does not correctly populate PROTO=dhcp in /run/net-*.conf which breaks cloud-init 1684039 open-iscsi () ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server bugs lathiat New Medium main 2017-04-19
2017-04-24 please merge debootstrap from Debian 1685873 merge debootstrap () core bugs costamagnagianfranco In Progress High main 2017-04-24
2017-04-24 openvpn-auth-ldap causing segfault on network timeout 1602813 openvpn-auth-ldap () unseeded bugs ahasenack In Progress Medium universe 2016-07-13
2017-04-25 lp:~rbalint/livecd-rootfs/minimize-unminimize minimize-unminimize livecd-rootfs (upstream) desktop-core branches rbalint 7 comments, (Needs Fixing) main 2017-04-25
2017-04-27 USB devices are not closed when error occurs 1642812 sru fwupd (yakkety, xenial) desktop-core bugs superm1 New Undecided main 2016-11-18
2017-04-27 [SRU] Ubuntu16.04 : autofs takes extreamly long with large number of direct maps 1686679 sru autofs5 (yakkety, xenial) unseeded bugs zhhuabj New Medium universe 2017-04-27
2017-04-27 lp:~rbalint/merge-o-matic/merge-o-matic-comment merge-o-matic-comment merge-o-matic (upstream) unseeded branches rbalint universe 2017-04-27
2017-04-30 lp:~amichai2/software-properties/edit-on-doubleclick edit-on-doubleclick software-properties (upstream) desktop-core,ubuntu-server branches amichai2 main 2017-04-30
2017-05-04 lp:~xnox/ubuntu-seeds/unity8-removals unity8-removals ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches xnox 8 comments, (Needs Information, Needs Fixing, Needs Fixing, Approve) universe 2017-05-04
2017-05-05 Sync laptop-detect 0.13.8 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1688593 sync laptop-detect () core bugs jbicha New Wishlist main 2017-05-05
2017-05-08 Headerbar used as toolbars in unity are missing proper css classes 1689239 gnome-software () ubuntu-desktop bugs janitor In Progress High main 2017-05-08
2017-05-08 usermod's man refers to --*-sub-uids but accepts only --*-subuids 1427807 shadow () core bugs gsilvapt Triaged Medium main 2015-03-03
2017-05-08 libpam-winbind: unable to dlopen 1677329 sru samba (zesty) core bugs 13l0y-0cooz-k4cyb In Progress High main 2017-03-29
2017-05-10 lp:~kaihengfeng/unity-settings-daemon/lp1683445 lp1683445 unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches kaihengfeng main 2017-05-10
2017-05-10 maas install fails inside of a 16.04 lxd container due to avahi problems 1661869 avahi () core bugs kirkland In Progress High main 2017-02-04
2017-05-11 [SRU] Mir needs to be updated to 0.26 in 16.04LTS 1685186 sru mir (xenial) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs brian-murray Incomplete Undecided main 2017-04-21
2017-05-11 feature request - json stats output 1669193 bind9 () core bugs ahasenack In Progress Undecided main 2017-03-02
2017-05-12 lp:~rbalint/livecd-rootfs/deps deps livecd-rootfs (upstream) desktop-core branches rbalint main 2017-05-12
2017-05-13 Force sync 0.11.2-1 from Debian Sid 1690489 upgrade lxqt-l10n () unseeded bugs mapreri In Progress Undecided universe 2017-05-13
2017-05-13 Merge 0.11.1-2 from Debian Sid 1690491 merge lxqt-session () unseeded bugs jbicha In Progress Undecided universe 2017-05-13
2017-05-16 Totem can't play videos on Gallium graphics without mesa-va-drivers 1652466 libva () kubuntu bugs crichton Confirmed Medium universe 2016-12-24
2017-05-16 ebtables: Lock file handling has races 1645324 sru ebtables (zesty, trusty, artful) ubuntu-server,edubuntu bugs slashd In Progress Medium main 2016-11-28
2017-05-17 Wordpress May 2017 security updates 1691520 sru wordpress (zesty, yakkety, xenial) security bugs jbicha Confirmed High universe 2017-05-17
2017-05-19 Sync parsedatetime 2.3-1 (main) from Debian experimental (main) 1692074 sync parsedatetime () ubuntu-server bugs unit193 New Wishlist main 2017-05-19
2017-05-21 neutron bash completion helper is not installed 1692334 sru python-neutronclient (zesty, yakkety, xenial) openstack,ubuntu-server bugs freyes New Medium main 2017-05-21
2017-05-22 systemd-resolved crashed with SIGSEGV in dns_packet_is_reply_for() 1621396 sru systemd (zesty, yakkety, xenial) core bugs tyhicks Confirmed Low main 2016-09-08
2017-05-23 gzip compression broken in UniFi (built-in tomcat) 1692870 sru zlib (zesty) core bugs janitor New Undecided main 2017-05-23
2017-05-24 Cinnamon is not a recognized Desktop Environment before Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 1693089 sru desktop-file-utils (precise, trusty) ubuntu-desktop bugs jbicha Triaged Medium main 2017-05-24
2017-05-24 [regression] Bluetooth audio no longer supports A2DP (stuck in HSP/HFP mode) 1438510 sru pulseaudio (xenial) core bugs vanvugt In Progress High main 2015-03-31
2017-05-24 Please merge ncurses 6.0+20161126-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1637239 merge ncurses () core bugs vorlon Confirmed Wishlist main 2016-10-27
2017-05-24 [xenial] Bluetooth device doesn't play any sound in A2DP mode unless set to HSP/HFP first 1582213 sru pulseaudio (xenial) core bugs spot9019 In Progress High main 2016-05-16
2017-05-24 libytnef: February 2017 multiple vulnerabilities (X41-2017-002) 1666884 sru libytnef (zesty, yakkety, trusty, xenial) security bugs tyhicks Incomplete Undecided main, universe 2017-02-22
2017-05-24 Please update to 1.5.0 1563435 upgrade diodon () unseeded bugs amribrahim1987 Triaged Low universe 2016-03-29
2017-05-26 Some Dell and Lenovo systems do not work after BIOS Capsule Update 1684034 sru fwupdate (yakkety, xenial) core bugs superm1 In Progress High main 2017-04-19


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