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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2015-04-16 lp:~jamesodhunt/ubuntu/vivid/ubuntu-core-upgrader/bug-1435774 bug-1435774 sru ubuntu-core-upgrader (vivid, Harvest) unseeded branches jamesodhunt universe 2015-04-16
2015-05-07 lp:~gunnarhj/ubuntu/wily/libx11/pt_PT-compose pt_PT-compose libx11 (Harvest) core,xorg branches happyaron 3 comments, (Approve) main 2015-05-07
2015-05-19 [SRU] virtualbox crash in raw mode 1456558 sru virtualbox (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-cloud bugs costamagnagianfranco Confirmed Undecided multiverse 2015-05-19
2015-05-21 lp:~lazyranma/ubuntu/wily/g15daemon/ g15daemon (Harvest) unseeded branches seb128 1 comments universe 2015-05-21
2015-06-14 lp:~brian-turek/ubuntu/trusty/openvswitch/fix-for-1314887 fix-for-1314887 sru openvswitch (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server branches brian-turek 1 comments main 2015-06-14
2015-06-26 kpartx -d fails with image paths longer than 63 characters 1469143 sru multipath-tools (precise, vivid, trusty, Harvest) core bugs simo-punnonen New Undecided main 2015-06-26
2015-06-28 sudo show predefine PAM prompt with some PAM Modules, no default sudo prompt 1414303 sudo (Harvest) core bugs joelpelaez New Medium main 2015-01-24
2015-06-29 default-session code runs before lightdm installation and has no effect 1048226 ubuntu-defaults-builder (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs crichton Confirmed Undecided main 2012-09-09
2015-07-01 use_syslog=True does not log to syslog via /dev/log anymore 1385295 python-oslo.log (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs p-draigbrady In Progress High main 2014-10-24
2015-07-03 [SRU] urdfdom-headers: critical numerical issues problem when converting angles 1471047 urdfdom-headers (Harvest) unseeded bugs j-rivero New Undecided universe 2015-07-03
2015-07-04 lp:~aeves-nate/ubuntu/wily/mydumper/fix-for-1402381 fix-for-1402381 mydumper (Harvest) unseeded branches aeves-nate universe 2015-07-04
2015-07-07 lp:~hjd/ubuntu/vivid/gitg/commit-summary commit-summary sru gitg (vivid, Harvest) unseeded branches hjd universe 2015-07-07
2015-07-08 lp:~vicamo/ubuntu/vivid/wpa/add-wowlan-support add-wowlan-support sru wpa (vivid, Harvest) core branches vicamo main 2015-07-08
2015-07-08 lp:~hjd/ubuntu/wily/nova/package-description package-description nova (Harvest) ubuntu-server branches hjd 1 comments main 2015-07-08
2015-07-08 lp:~hjd/ubuntu/wily/linux-goldfish/package-description package-description linux-goldfish (Harvest) unseeded branches sil2100 1 comments, (Approve) universe 2015-07-08
2015-07-12 lp:~hjd/ubuntu/wily/ninja-build/debian-merged debian-merged ninja-build (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop branches hjd 1 comments main 2015-07-12
2015-07-14 Users can mistakenly run init.d scripts and cause problems if an equivalent upstart job already exists 1273462 sru lsb (trusty, Harvest) core bugs racb In Progress High main 2014-01-27
2015-07-15 log dir permissions are incorrect 1474667 sru ceilometer (trusty, wily, vivid, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs xavpaice Confirmed Undecided main 2015-07-15
2015-07-15 package gdb-arm-none-eabi (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man1/gdb.1.gz', which is also in package gdb 1267680 gdb-arm-none-eabi (Harvest) unseeded bugs hjd Confirmed High universe 2014-01-10
2015-07-28 [SRU] Custom vendor data causes cloud-init failure on 0.7.5 1469260 sru cloud-init (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-cloud,ubuntu-server bugs freyes In Progress Medium main 2015-06-26
2015-07-30 merge Debian 4.3-13 and 4.3-11ubuntu3 1479542 merge bash (Harvest) core bugs mdeslaur Fix Committed Undecided main 2015-07-29
2015-07-30 Please merge antlr3 3.2-11 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1474294 merge antlr3 (Harvest) ubuntustudio bugs dholbach Incomplete Medium universe 2015-07-14
2015-07-31 lp:~robert-ancell/ubuntu/wily/upstart/json-c json-c upstart (Harvest) core branches robert-ancell main 2015-07-31
2015-07-31 "Cancel", "Next", and "Sign In" functioning incorrectly on login or locked screen in "Sign In?" section 1479014 sru gnome-shell (vivid, Harvest) desktop-extra,edubuntu,mozilla,ubuntugnome bugs yerenkov-scott Triaged Low universe 2015-07-28
2015-08-05 Ubuntu server enables screenblanking, concealing crashdumps (DPMS is not used) 869017 kbd (Harvest) core bugs wesley-wiedenmeier In Progress Medium main 2011-10-06
2015-08-06 OpenJdk 7 and OpenJdk 8 miss-report the os.arch field and cause java apps to crash. 1438575 openjdk-7 (Harvest) core bugs bugproxy Incomplete Undecided main 2015-03-31
2015-08-07 lp:~tribaal/ubuntu/trusty/ceph/add-zap-fix-patch add-zap-fix-patch sru ceph (trusty, Harvest) core branches ahasenack 3 comments main 2015-08-07
2015-08-07 Value Type of http_connect_timeout is Wrong 1368545 sru python-keystoneclient (vivid, trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs brian-murray In Progress Undecided main 2014-09-12
2015-08-13 lp:~e7appew/ubuntu/vivid/bombono-dvd/mux-files-with-spaces mux-files-with-spaces sru bombono-dvd (vivid, Harvest) unseeded branches e7appew universe 2015-08-13
2015-08-14 lp:~manjo/ubuntu/trusty/lshw/cpuinfo-backport-upstream cpuinfo-backport-upstream sru lshw (trusty, Harvest) core branches manjo main 2015-08-14
2015-08-16 Merge exim4 4.86-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1485369 merge exim4 (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs ari-tczew Confirmed Wishlist main 2015-08-16
2015-08-16 lp:~ari-tczew/ubuntu/wily/pkg-kde-tools/merge merge pkg-kde-tools (Harvest) kubuntu branches ari-tczew main 2015-08-16
2015-08-17 lp:~fred-wang/ubuntu/wily/firefox/fix-for-1473552 fix-for-1473552 firefox (Harvest) core,mozilla branches fred-wang main 2015-08-17
2015-08-17 please merge gtk+2.0 from Debian 1485548 merge gtk+2.0 (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs costamagnagianfranco Fix Committed Undecided main 2015-08-17
2015-08-17 lp:~colin-king/ubuntu/wily/mountall/zfs-support zfs-support mountall (Harvest) core branches colin-king main 2015-08-17
2015-08-18 Windows 10 is detected as Windows 8 1482851 os-prober (Harvest) core bugs psyray Triaged Medium main 2015-08-08
2015-08-18 python-tornado tests fail against python3.5 1478149 python-tornado (wily, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server bugs wesley-wiedenmeier Triaged High main 2015-07-24
2015-08-18 Magic for text/x-tex broken 1485217 shared-mime-info (Harvest) core bugs crichton New Undecided main 2015-08-15
2015-08-18 lp:~thedac/ubuntu/wily/python-mysqldb/debian-merge debian-merge merge python-mysqldb (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server branches corey.bryant 1 comments main 2015-08-18
2015-08-20 Sync llvm-toolchain-3.4 1:3.4.2-15 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1486878 sync llvm-toolchain-3.4 (Harvest) unseeded bugs costamagnagianfranco Incomplete Undecided universe 2015-08-20
2015-08-20 Rasterio FTBFS on i386 (fix included) 1486991 rasterio (Harvest) unseeded bugs johanvdw Incomplete Undecided universe 2015-08-20
2015-08-20 lp:~thedac/ubuntu/wily/python-django-compressor/debian-merge debian-merge merge python-django-compressor (Harvest) ubuntu-server branches corey.bryant 2 comments, (Approve) main 2015-08-20
2015-08-22 lp:~e7appew/ubuntu/vivid/deluge/fix-set-trackers fix-set-trackers sru deluge (vivid, Harvest) unseeded branches e7appew universe 2015-08-22
2015-08-26 NTP : Use-after-free in routing socket code after dropping root 1481388 sru ntp (precise, trusty, wily, vivid, Harvest) desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs eric-desrochers-z In Progress Medium main 2015-08-04
2015-08-28 Sync cpustat 0.01.23-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1489991 sync ubuntu (Harvest) unseeded bugs dholbach Confirmed Medium universe 2015-08-28
2015-08-29 lp:~johanvdw/ubuntu/wily/python-cligj/version0.3 version0.3 python-cligj (Harvest) unseeded branches johanvdw universe 2015-08-29
2015-08-31 Sync ignition-math2 2.2.2+dfsg1-1 (universe) from Debian sid (main) 1490650 sync ignition-math2 (Harvest) unseeded bugs dholbach Incomplete Undecided universe 2015-08-31
2015-09-01 lp:~abone/ubuntu/wily/logrotate/fix-for-772214 fix-for-772214 logrotate (Harvest) core branches abone main 2015-09-01
2015-09-01 "Modaliases" field missing from debian control file 1490212 b43-fwcutter (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs adamsmith New Undecided main 2015-08-29
2015-09-01 The Debian control file's "modaliases" is too generic 1490713 bcmwl (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs adamsmith New Undecided restricted 2015-08-31
2015-09-01 On removal the package should warn a reboot is needed 1491070 bcmwl (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs adamsmith New Undecided restricted 2015-09-01
2015-09-03 biosdevname isn't giving interface names as expected 1455871 upgrade, sru biosdevname (vivid, trusty, Harvest) core bugs inaddy In Progress Undecided main 2015-05-17
2015-09-03 lp:~swem/ubuntu/trusty/lshw/lp1471983 lp1471983 sru lshw (trusty, Harvest) core branches swem main 2015-09-03
2015-09-03 Canon LIDE 110 can only scan once, then I need to replug the usb cable 1184699 sane-backends (Harvest) core bugs michaeljt Confirmed Undecided main 2013-05-27
2015-09-03 lp:ubuntu/vivid-updates/grub2 vivid-updates sru grub2 (vivid, Harvest) core branches glowyaba-o main 2015-09-03
2015-09-03 14e4:4365 bcmwl-kernel source: fix for null pointer crash 1415880 bcmwl (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs inaddy In Progress High restricted 2015-01-29
2015-09-03 Add the ln_CD locale 1491880 langpack-locales (Harvest) core bugs gunnarhj In Progress Medium main 2015-09-03
2015-09-04 multipath-tools: wily: adjust the patch handle_spaces_in_rev_attr.patch 1492425 multipath-tools (Harvest) core bugs crichton Triaged High main 2015-09-04


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