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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2018-11-09 Notifications emitted by a snap with local files or desktop files use wrong namespace 1802483 libnotify () desktop-core bugs crichton In Progress Medium main 2018-11-09
2018-11-14 fetch-url does not use --no-check-certificate on HTTP to HTTPS redirects 1803385 sru debian-installer-utils (cosmic, trusty, bionic, xenial) core bugs mfo In Progress Medium main 2018-11-14
2018-12-07 after upgrade to bionic, printing fails without explanation / logs / debuggability 1763520 sru gtk+3.0 (cosmic, bionic) ubuntu-desktop bugs janitor In Progress High main 2018-04-12
2019-01-30 apt-setup uses apt-key but probably should not anymore 1754075 sru apt-setup (bionic) core bugs murmansk Confirmed High main 2018-03-07
2019-02-03 sftp method no longer uses temporary file name during upload 1762572 dput () core bugs juliank Triaged Low main 2018-04-09
2019-02-05 dput's sftp method is very slow 1814791 dput () core bugs juliank Confirmed Low main 2019-02-05
2019-02-05 Ubiquity crashes with mount points that are FAT16/32 1770093 ubiquity () core bugs adamsmith New Undecided main 2018-05-09
2019-03-14 Make RPi.GPIO work on arm64 1814118 sru rpi.gpio (cosmic, bionic) unseeded bugs tsimonq2 New Low universe 2019-01-31
2019-03-26 nvme multipath does not report path relationships 1778844 sru initramfs-tools (cosmic, bionic) core bugs cascardo In Progress Critical main 2018-06-27
2019-04-13 Unable to set Serbian as Language 1823778 sru gnome-control-center (bionic) desktop-core bugs gunnarhj In Progress High main 2019-04-08
2019-04-17 USB stick isn't mounted automatically 1824073 sru udisks2 (xenial) desktop-core bugs ethan.hsieh New High main 2019-04-10
2019-04-22 Please merge xkeyboard-config 2.26-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1825786 merge xkeyboard-config () core bugs gunnarhj In Progress Wishlist main 2019-04-22
2019-04-22 [SRU] resolvconf is racy, which leads to broken resolv.conf in parallel calls 1825194 sru resolvconf (xenial) unseeded bugs alfonsosanchezbeato New Undecided main 2019-04-17


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