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2017-05-08 usermod's man refers to --*-sub-uids but accepts only --*-subuids 1427807 shadow () core bugs gsilvapt Triaged Medium main 2015-03-03
2017-06-26 gnome-help/ link to removed files 1696418 sru gnome-user-docs (trusty) ubuntu-desktop,personal-gunnarhj bugs gunnarhj In Progress Medium main 2017-06-07
2017-06-30 Ship ubuntu-advantage in ubuntu-minimal 1686183 sru ubuntu-meta (trusty, xenial) core bugs vorlon Confirmed High main 2017-04-25
2017-09-07 GTK+3 doesn't show FUSE/GVFS, smb (SMB/CIFS), sftp (SFTP/SSH) network shares in file chooser 1714518 sru gtk+3.0 (trusty, artful, xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs roland-logikalsolutions Triaged Low main 2017-09-01
2017-09-11 Synaptic backend doesn't work in apturl 1338482 apturl () ubuntu-desktop bugs monsta Confirmed Medium main 2014-07-07
2017-10-23 rewrite pull-[lp|debian|uca]-source 1453330 ubuntu-dev-tools () unseeded bugs mapreri Incomplete Wishlist universe 2015-05-09
2017-10-30 libnfsidmap2 fails to obtain username which results in failed translation 1728310 libnfsidmap () core bugs janitor Confirmed Medium main 2017-10-28
2017-11-03 PackageReporter kicks in during do-release-upgrade 1699179 sru landscape-client (trusty, artful, xenial) ubuntu-server bugs janitor New Medium main 2017-06-20
2017-11-14 imagemagick crashes with "stack smashing detected" 1385903 sru libjpeg-turbo (trusty) core bugs penalvch Confirmed Low main 2014-10-26
2017-11-29 network-manager ADT tests fail with on ppc64el with artful/linux 1733321 sru network-manager (artful) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs kleber-souza New Medium main 2017-11-20
2017-12-05 Installation of DMRaid should automatically add necessary modules to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules 1683105 sru dmraid (artful) core bugs psusi New Medium main 2017-04-16
2018-01-17 gnutls28 in trusty no longer validates many valid certificate chains, such as 1722411 sru gnutls28 (trusty) core bugs sil2100 Fix Committed Medium universe 2017-10-09
2018-01-23 during recovery mode, enable network failed due to /etc/resolv.conf not being present 1682637 sru friendly-recovery (artful, xenial) core bugs slashd In Progress Medium main 2017-04-13
2018-01-23 gnome-software crashes in as_app_parse_desktop_file 1744941 sru appstream-glib (artful, xenial) desktop-core bugs racb Confirmed High main 2018-01-23
2018-02-14 configured stats_temp_directory does not get created after reboot 1749283 sru resource-agents (artful, bionic, xenial) ubuntu-server bugs mariosplivalo New Undecided main 2018-02-13
2018-02-18 Consider enabling --color by default 1691214 iproute2 () core bugs crichton Confirmed Wishlist main 2017-05-16
2018-02-23 Please consider dropping /etc/network/if-up.d/openssh-server 1674330 openssh () core bugs crichton In Progress Low main 2017-03-20
2018-03-01 Compiler warning about possiable overflow in devname.c 1739889 util-linux () core bugs reeves-87 New Low main 2017-12-23
2018-03-15 the net installer doesn't install gnome-vanilla 1751546 tasksel () core bugs darkxst Triaged High main 2018-02-25
2018-03-17 git-svn coredumps 1451028 git () core bugs jamessan Confirmed Undecided main 2015-05-02
2018-03-21 pulseaudio print lots of error when selecting unavailable profile 1750947 sru pulseaudio (xenial) desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs sil2100 Fix Committed Undecided main 2018-02-22
2018-04-08 Delete the password for the live session on all flavors 1761644 casper () desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs vorlon Triaged High main 2018-04-06
2018-04-16 bind9-host, hang forever causes network connections to get stuck 1752411 bind9 () core bugs lathiat Confirmed High main 2018-02-28
2018-04-28 Provide libinput 1.10.6 in bionic-updates to fix specific touchpad and keyboard issues 1767559 upgrade, sru libinput () desktop-core bugs vanvugt Confirmed Undecided main 2018-04-28
2018-05-10 Applications menu does not get populated with recently installed apps using apt 1765799 sru gnome-menus (cosmic, bionic) ubuntu-desktop bugs fossfreedom New Medium main 2018-04-20
2018-05-14 systemd-networkd not renaming devices on boot 1770082 systemd () core bugs raharper Confirmed Undecided main 2018-05-09
2018-05-15 Alternative shortcut for layout switching Alt+Shift unexpectedly set by default 1762952 console-setup () core bugs gunnarhj In Progress High main 2018-04-11
2018-05-17 [SRU] backport ca-certificates-java from cosmic (20180516ubuntu1) 1770553 ca-certificates-java () core bugs tdaitx Confirmed Undecided main 2018-05-11
2018-05-18 Sync opus 1.3~beta+20180518-1 (main) from Debian sid (main) 1771981 sync opus () desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs jbicha New Undecided main 2018-05-18
2018-05-19 [bionic SRU] Port libjsyntaxpane-java 0.9.6~r156-7 java9 crash to bionic 1770809 sru libjsyntaxpane-java (bionic) unseeded bugs fnatter New Undecided universe 2018-05-12
2018-05-21 Sync openipmi 2.0.25-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1772509 sync openipmi () ubuntu-server bugs ahasenack Triaged Wishlist main 2018-05-21
2018-05-23 Unity: Force start background plugin 1772798 ubuntu-settings () ubuntu-desktop bugs khurshid-alam Confirmed Undecided main 2018-05-23
2018-05-25 [SRU] debhelper support override from /etc/tmpfiles.d for systemd 1748147 sru systemd (artful, bionic, xenial) core bugs xnox Confirmed Undecided main 2018-02-08
2018-05-28 [SRU] Missing static libs in the -dev package metadata 1773811 gazebo () unseeded bugs tsimonq2 New Undecided universe 2018-05-28
2018-06-05 [SRU] Fixing empty create swift container dialog after upgrading horizon from newton to ocata 1775170 horizon () openstack,ubuntu-server bugs xtrusia New Undecided main 2018-06-05
2018-06-09 Sync rkhunter 1.4.6-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1776012 sync, sru rkhunter (bionic) unseeded bugs tsimonq2 New Undecided universe 2018-06-09
2018-06-11 Screen sharing panels abort using an non-existent vino gsettings key 1741027 unity-control-center () ubuntukylin,mythbuntu bugs alainb06 Confirmed High universe 2018-01-03
2018-06-17 Feature request: Add a handler for CVE URLs 1775329 gnome-terminal () desktop-core bugs crichton New Undecided main 2018-06-06
2018-06-18 Add support for purple-telegram (telepathy-haze) 1708375 telepathy-mission-control-5 () kubuntu bugs khurshid-alam Confirmed Undecided universe 2017-08-03
2018-06-21 browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash broken 1778041 sru freshplayerplugin (bionic) unseeded bugs gunnarhj In Progress High multiverse 2018-06-21


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