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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2014-09-11 Ambiance and Radiance are not completely compatible with MATE 1352961 ubuntu-themes (Harvest) core bugs janitor Triaged High main 2014-08-05
2015-01-01 ecryptfs does not work for domain users (AD, likewise/powerbroker) 1406940 ecryptfs-utils (Harvest) core bugs laney New Undecided main 2015-01-01
2015-01-10 apache2.2 SSL has no forward-secrecy: need ECDHE keys 1197884 sru apache2 (precise, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs ta-lonestar-bbs Confirmed Wishlist main 2013-07-04
2015-01-11 lp:~xnox/ubuntu/vivid/nuntium/drop-sys-events drop-sys-events sru nuntium (vivid, Harvest) unseeded branches xnox 1 comments universe 2015-01-11
2015-01-24 sudo show predefine PAM prompt with some PAM Modules, no default sudo prompt 1414303 sudo (Harvest) core bugs dholbach New Medium main 2015-01-24
2015-02-04 lp:~woodrow-shen/gnome-screenshot/fix-hidpi.trusty fix-hidpi.trusty sru gnome-screenshot (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop branches woodrow-shen 4 comments, (Needs Fixing) main 2015-02-04
2015-02-16 Default charsets handling for Windows archives in CJKV+th locale 1422290 unzip (Harvest) core bugs seb128 Triaged Medium main 2015-02-16
2015-02-18 lp:~niedbalski/ubuntu/vivid/curtin/fix-1263181 fix-1263181 sru curtin (vivid, Harvest) ubuntu-server branches celpa-firl 3 comments main 2015-02-18
2015-02-22 Work area files mistakenly included in orig tarball 1424418 ecere-sdk (Harvest) unseeded bugs mathieu-tl New Undecided universe 2015-02-22
2015-03-01 lp:~chilicuil/ubuntu/vivid/ruby1.9.1/fix-1426828 fix-1426828 sru ruby1.9.1 (vivid, Harvest) unseeded branches chilicuil universe 2015-03-01
2015-03-04 Caching responses with "Vary" header 1336742 sru squid3 (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs r0lf Triaged Medium main 2014-07-02
2015-03-05 DHCP server does not work for IPoIB (Infiniband) 1401141 sru isc-dhcp (utopic, vivid, trusty, Harvest) core bugs janitor Confirmed Undecided main 2014-12-10
2015-03-08 virtualbox-guest-x11 uninstallable with mesa-lts-utopic 1424769 virtualbox (Harvest) ubuntu-cloud bugs penalvch Triaged Medium multiverse 2015-02-23
2015-03-08 [SRU] virtualbox and virtualbox-guest-additions-iso doesn't conflict anymore with the official packages. 1429614 virtualbox (Harvest) ubuntu-cloud bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided multiverse 2015-03-08
2015-03-08 freemedforms-emr crashes during network installation 1429631 freemedforms-project (Harvest) unseeded bugs dholbach New Undecided universe 2015-03-08
2015-03-31 Boot from an unique, stable, multipath-dependent symlink 1429327 multipath-tools (Harvest) core bugs bugproxy In Progress Medium main 2015-03-07
2015-04-04 lp:~kumbarov/ubuntu/trusty/phylip/phylip-fix-1440240 phylip-fix-1440240 sru phylip (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches kumbarov multiverse 2015-04-04
2015-04-08 numactl crashes with segfault 1441388 sru numactl (utopic, trusty, Harvest) core bugs janitor New High main 2015-04-08
2015-04-10 [SRU] Virtual private network connection fails after distribution upgrade due to outdated Network Manager configuration files 1297849 sru network-manager-vpnc (utopic, trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs neverpanic Triaged High universe 2014-03-26
2015-04-13 lp:~binli/ubuntu/trusty/modemmanager/lp1441095 lp1441095 sru modemmanager (trusty, Harvest) core branches binli main 2015-04-13
2015-04-13 Please update regulations to support VHT 1284093 wireless-regdb (Harvest) core bugs fo0bar Confirmed Undecided main 2014-02-24
2015-04-14 multipath-tools-boot: support booting without user_friendly_names on devices with spaces in identifiers 1432062 multipath-tools (Harvest) core bugs mauricfo Triaged Medium main 2015-03-13
2015-04-14 lp:~binli/ubuntu/trusty/casper/overlayfs overlayfs sru casper (trusty, Harvest) desktop-core,ubuntu-server branches binli main 2015-04-14
2015-04-15 Add more POWER8 optimizations 1444241 openssl (Harvest) core bugs mauricfo New Undecided main 2015-04-15
2015-04-15 can not invoked in shell 1444279 mingetty (Harvest) unseeded bugs crichton New Undecided universe 2015-04-15
2015-04-16 Please merge libcgroup 0.41-6 (universe) from Debian testing (main) 1445036 merge libcgroup (Harvest) unseeded bugs serge-hallyn Confirmed Undecided universe 2015-04-16
2015-04-16 lp:~jamesodhunt/ubuntu/vivid/ubuntu-core-upgrader/bug-1435774 bug-1435774 sru ubuntu-core-upgrader (vivid, Harvest) unseeded branches jamesodhunt universe 2015-04-16
2015-04-19 multipathd changes the underlying disks of mpathX devices when filesystems are mounted 1445973 multipath-tools (Harvest) core bugs crichton In Progress High main 2015-04-19
2015-04-20 cloud-init does not have the SmartOS data source as a configuration option 1398997 sru cloud-init (trusty, wily, vivid, Harvest) ubuntu-cloud,ubuntu-server bugs crichton Confirmed Medium main 2014-12-03
2015-04-23 lp:~niedbalski/ubuntu/vivid/neutron/fixes-1447803 fixes-1447803 sru neutron (vivid, Harvest) ubuntu-server branches niedbalski main 2015-04-23
2015-04-27 lp:~phablet-team/urfkill/monitor-script monitor-script sru urfkill (vivid, Harvest) unseeded branches alfonsosanchezbeato universe 2015-04-27
2015-04-28 Needed patches for InfiniBand Support: Flow Steering and Offload Support + Fixes 1409904 sru libibverbs (utopic, vivid, trusty, Harvest) core bugs janitor New Undecided main 2015-01-12
2015-05-01 mysql 5.6 segfault on audit plugin usage 1444904 sru mysql-5.6 (trusty, Harvest) core bugs bj7u6139zdyf-info-jjcftv6wldnz New Undecided universe 2015-04-16
2015-05-07 lp:~gunnarhj/ubuntu/wily/libx11/pt_PT-compose pt_PT-compose libx11 (Harvest) core,xorg branches gunnarhj main 2015-05-07
2015-05-12 lp:~nobuto/ubuntu/vivid/unzip/fallback-encoding fallback-encoding unzip (Harvest) core branches nobuto 1 comments main 2015-05-12
2015-05-15 upstart job state switched to running before the sock file created 1455608 sru libvirt (utopic, trusty, wily, vivid, Harvest) virt,ubuntu-server bugs crichton In Progress High main 2015-05-15
2015-05-16 lp:~xnox/ubuntu/wily/upstart/lp1447099 lp1447099 upstart (Harvest) core branches jamesodhunt 1 comments main 2015-05-16
2015-05-17 settings from saved config files are not loaded correctly 1455920 qmidiroute (Harvest) ubuntustudio bugs seb128 Triaged Low universe 2015-05-17
2015-05-17 lp:~lazyranma/ubuntu/wily/libusb/bug-1455924 bug-1455924 libusb (Harvest) core branches lazyranma main 2015-05-17
2015-05-18 [SRU] dnsmasq fails at leasing issues when using vlan mode 1006898 sru dnsmasq (precise, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs niedbalski In Progress High main 2012-05-31
2015-05-19 lp:~strycore/ubuntu/vivid/gnome-weather/fix-for-1456400 fix-for-1456400 sru gnome-weather (vivid, Harvest) desktop-extra,ubuntugnome branches strycore universe 2015-05-19
2015-05-19 Crash at boot 1454852 libimobiledevice (Harvest) core bugs seb128 New High main 2015-05-13
2015-05-19 lp:~jamesodhunt/ubuntu/wily/ubuntu-core-upgrader/call-upgrader-directly call-upgrader-directly ubuntu-core-upgrader (Harvest) unseeded branches jamesodhunt universe 2015-05-19
2015-05-19 virtualbox crash in raw mode 1456558 virtualbox (Harvest) ubuntu-cloud bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided multiverse 2015-05-19
2015-05-19 zram-config is not working on non-English locales in vivid 1448530 zram-config (Harvest) lubuntu bugs crichton Confirmed High universe 2015-04-25
2015-05-19 tox.ConfigError: ConfigError: substitution env error. Support optional ENV variable substitution in tox.ini 1456695 sru tox (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs niedbalski In Progress Undecided universe 2015-05-19
2015-05-20 Sync rustc 1.0.0~beta.4-1~exp1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main) 1456909 sync ubuntu (Harvest) unseeded bugs micahg Incomplete Wishlist universe 2015-05-20
2015-05-20 xdg-utils patch to add MATE support [debdiff attached] 1457018 xdg-utils (Harvest) core bugs flexiondotorg New Wishlist main 2015-05-20
2015-05-20 ubuntu-mate-artwork 0.4.8 bug fix release [debdiff attached] 1456591 ubuntu-mate-artwork (Harvest) unseeded bugs flexiondotorg New Wishlist universe 2015-05-19
2015-05-20 ubuntu-mate-settings 0.4.5 release [debdiff attached] 1456597 ubuntu-mate-settings (Harvest) unseeded bugs flexiondotorg New Wishlist universe 2015-05-19
2015-05-21 lp:~lazyranma/ubuntu/wily/libg15/bug-1357556 bug-1357556 libg15 (Harvest) unseeded branches lazyranma universe 2015-05-21
2015-05-21 lp:~lazyranma/ubuntu/wily/g15daemon/ g15daemon (Harvest) unseeded branches lazyranma universe 2015-05-21
2015-05-24 Merge fuse 2.9.3-16 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1458397 merge fuse (Harvest) core bugs ari-tczew Confirmed Wishlist main 2015-05-24
2015-05-25 lp:~logan/ubuntu/wily/python-idna/2.0 2.0 python-idna (Harvest) core branches logan main 2015-05-25
2015-05-25 Sync dbus-glib 0.104-1 (main) from Debian experimental (main) 1458465 sync dbus-glib (Harvest) core bugs noskcaj New Wishlist main 2015-05-25
2015-05-26 lp:~logan/ubuntu/wily/pinentry/0.9.2 0.9.2 pinentry (Harvest) core branches logan main 2015-05-26
2015-05-26 Please merge openldap 2.4.40-4 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1395098 merge openldap (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs mdeslaur Fix Committed Undecided main 2014-11-21
2015-05-26 Update gnome-contacts to 3.14 1339355 upgrade gnome-contacts (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs darkxst Triaged Wishlist main 2014-07-08
2015-05-26 Libvirt spams libvirt.log with virNetSocketReadWire and similar errors 1451598 sru libvirt (precise, Harvest) virt,ubuntu-server bugs crichton Confirmed Low main 2015-05-04
2015-05-26 lp:~sergiusens/ubuntu/wily/ubuntu-core-config/frameworks-writable frameworks-writable ubuntu-core-config (Harvest) unseeded branches sergiusens universe 2015-05-26
2015-05-26 lp:~sergiusens/ubuntu/wily/ubuntu-core-config/azure-datasource azure-datasource ubuntu-core-config (Harvest) unseeded branches sergiusens universe 2015-05-26
2015-05-26 5.6.24 security update 1445906 mysql-5.6 (Harvest) security bugs bj7u6139zdyf-info-jjcftv6wldnz Fix Committed Undecided main 2015-04-19


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