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2015-07-03 [SRU] urdfdom-headers: critical numerical issues problem when converting angles 1471047 sru urdfdom-headers (trusty) unseeded bugs j-rivero New Undecided universe 2015-07-03
2019-05-06 swift-container package is missing Upstart and System V files for the container-sharder service 1827340 swift () openstack bugs tkurek In Progress Low universe 2019-05-02
2019-05-30 [SRU] support new cab and new docking firmware upgrade in fwupd 1.2.5 1820768 sru fwupd (bionic) core bugs superm1 Incomplete High main 2019-03-18
2019-06-06 [SRU] rabbitmqadmin shows %%VSN%% as version 1773324 sru rabbitmq-server (eoan, bionic, disco) ubuntu-server bugs bryce Triaged Medium main 2018-05-25
2019-06-26 Ubiquity crashes with mount points that are FAT16/32 1770093 partman-basicfilesystems () core bugs seb128 New Low main 2018-05-09
2019-06-26 [SRU] Please accept zeroc-ice to supported releases 1815684 upgrade, sru zeroc-ice (bionic) cli-mono bugs y-jose New Low universe 2019-02-12
2019-06-27 [SRU] package gconf2 3.2.6-3ubuntu6 failed to install/upgrade: dependency problems - leaving triggers unprocessed 1551623 sru gconf (xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs laney Triaged Critical main 2016-03-01
2019-07-05 Make reset_devices parameter default for kdump and decouple kdump systemd service from the KDUMP_CMDLINE_APPEND 1800566 sru makedumpfile (eoan, xenial, bionic, disco) core bugs crichton In Progress High main 2018-10-29
2019-07-05 kdump is not captured in remote host when kdump over ssh is configured 1681909 sru makedumpfile (bionic, disco) core bugs janitor In Progress Medium main 2017-04-11
2019-07-11 [needs-packaging] Pulseeffects for eoan 1832059 ubuntu () unseeded bugs eeickmeyer New Wishlist universe 2019-06-08
2019-07-13 Merge qt4-x11 4:4.8.7+dfsg-18 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1836444 merge qt4-x11 () kubuntu bugs amribrahim1987 New Low universe 2019-07-13
2019-07-16 race condition in dep8 test 1836593 sru cloud-utils (disco) core,edubuntu bugs smoser In Progress Low main 2019-07-15
2019-07-16 growpart mishandles image filenames that end in a number 1835124 sru cloud-utils (disco) core,edubuntu bugs rafaeldtinoco In Progress Low main 2019-07-02
2019-07-16 Typo in cloud-guest-utils: "reserveration-id" 1810857 sru cloud-utils (disco) core,edubuntu bugs rafaeldtinoco In Progress Low main 2019-01-07
2019-07-17 Freecad crashes at start 1754084 freecad () unseeded bugs maleous Confirmed Medium universe 2018-03-07
2019-07-17 Freecad's start workbench points to missing webgui -> almost empty gui 1753376 sru freecad (bionic) unseeded bugs mathew-hodson New Low universe 2018-03-05
2019-07-18 bluebird-gtk-theme 1.3-1 window borders incompatible with Cinnamon >= 3.8 and don't appear in the theme application menu 1836975 sru bluebird-gtk-theme (eoan, disco) ubuntustudio bugs crichton In Progress Medium universe 2019-07-17
2019-07-18 Regression in ModemManager 1828102 sru modemmanager (disco) desktop-core bugs yparitcher Fix Committed High main 2019-05-07
2019-07-18 Generate HyperV Image Gallery Builds in Bionic and Disco 1837088 sru livecd-rootfs (bionic, disco) desktop-core bugs davidkrauser New High main 2019-07-18
2019-07-24 PA: Don't restore the streams to sinks/sources with only unavailable ports 1834138 sru pulseaudio (bionic, disco) desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs Fix Committed High main 2019-06-25
2019-07-25 Add retry logic to snap-tool to make downloads more resilient 1837871 livecd-rootfs () desktop-core bugs tobijk In Progress High main 2019-07-25
2019-07-26 Use the kernel default for crashkernel offset 1741860 sru makedumpfile (xenial, bionic, disco) core bugs janitor In Progress High main 2018-01-08
2019-07-31 Dell system takes a long time to connect network with external dock 1837700 sru systemd (bionic, disco) core bugs xnox New Medium main 2019-07-24
2019-08-08 systemd doesn't restart a service after crashes 1839290 sru systemd (bionic, xenial) core bugs mathew-hodson New Medium main 2019-08-07
2019-08-09 [SRU] urdfdom-headers and urdfdom should not use locale dependent parsing for floating point numbers 1817595 sru urdfdom (bionic) unseeded bugs j-rivero New Undecided universe 2019-02-25
2019-08-20 Caps-lock doesn't work correctly in Old Hungarian layout 1840699 xkeyboard-config () core bugs gunnarhj In Progress Medium main 2019-08-19
2019-08-21 cpuinfo_linux_get_max_processors_count always warns Ubuntu default MAX cpu values (stderr) 1840847 cpuinfo () unseeded bugs crichton In Progress Medium universe 2019-08-20


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