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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2015-09-16 Default values for WAIT_STATE are wrong in the upstart wait-for-state job 1465386 sru upstart (trusty, Harvest) core bugs mterry Confirmed Medium main 2015-06-15
2015-09-24 /etc/bash_command_not_found is utterly broken 1479805 command-not-found (Harvest) core bugs laney In Progress Low main 2015-07-30
2015-10-24 decrypt_gnupg prompt does not accept any keyboard input 885358 cryptsetup (Harvest) core bugs laney Confirmed Medium main 2011-11-02
2015-12-09 lp:~e7appew/ubuntu/wily/bombono-dvd/mux-files-with-spaces-wily mux-files-with-spaces-wily sru bombono-dvd (wily, Harvest) unseeded branches e7appew universe 2015-12-09
2016-01-27 [SRU] dlm package installation fails 1248054 sru dlm (wily, trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs janitor Triaged High main 2013-11-05
2016-02-01 please transition to shared libraries 1508122 juju-core (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs mwhudson New High main 2015-10-20
2016-02-02 rabbit: starvation of connections for reply 1521958 sru oslo.messaging (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs corey.bryant Triaged Medium main 2015-12-02
2016-02-10 InfiniBand DHCP flow with PRA and DHCP relay not working 1529815 sru isc-dhcp (trusty, wily, xenial, Harvest) core bugs inaddy In Progress Medium main 2015-12-29
2016-02-15 wpa-roam does not support logical "master" interfaces 1545363 wpa (Harvest) core bugs s-launchpad-paulsd-com Incomplete Low main 2016-02-14
2016-02-18 [needs-packaging] linux backports and related meta packages 1546967 ubuntu (Harvest) unseeded bugs tjaalton New Wishlist universe 2016-02-18
2016-02-20 Enable libappindicator support 1547826 sru ibus (xenial, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,input-methods,kubuntu bugs janitor New Wishlist main 2016-02-20
2016-02-22 lp:~e7appew/ubuntu/wily/audio-convert/nmu nmu sru audio-convert (wily, Harvest) unseeded branches e7appew universe 2016-02-22
2016-02-26 [PowerVM] Ubuntu 16.04 does not install bootloader on multiple PReP partitions in Software RAID1 configuration 1550448 sru grub-installer (trusty, Harvest) core bugs bugproxy Triaged High main 2016-02-26
2016-03-03 lp:~torsten.franz/kubuntu-web-shortcuts/kubuntu-web-shortcuts kubuntu-web-shortcuts kubuntu-web-shortcuts (upstream) kubuntu branches torsten.franz universe 2016-03-03
2016-03-04 openipmi startup script removes kernel modules 1318317 sru openipmi (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs nacc Fix Committed High main 2014-05-11
2016-03-06 lp:~dsmythies/installation-guide/xenial xenial installation-guide (upstream) core branches dsmythies 1 comments main 2016-03-06
2016-03-06 Desktop file does not open ImageMagick from the menu 1550210 imagemagick (Harvest) desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs rosco2 Triaged Medium main 2016-02-26
2016-03-14 lp:~chrisccoulson/unity-settings-daemon/lp1542699 lp1542699 unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches chrisccoulson main 2016-03-14
2016-03-14 lp:~noorez-kassam/ubuntu/trusty/initramfs-tools/fix-for-1317437 fix-for-1317437 sru initramfs-tools (trusty, Harvest) core branches noorez-kassam main 2016-03-14
2016-03-15 lp:~cbjchen/horizon/lp1382079 lp1382079 horizon (upstream) openstack,ubuntu-server branches cbjchen 2 comments main 2016-03-15
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for mancala.desktop 1557338 mancala (Harvest) unseeded bugs laney Incomplete Undecided universe 2016-03-15
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for kgpg.desktop 1558664 kgpg (Harvest) kubuntu bugs ricsousa06 Incomplete Low universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for jedit.desktop 1558671 jedit (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for grisbi.desktop 1558685 grisbi (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for xsensors.desktop 1558691 xsensors (Harvest) unseeded bugs abibarra In Progress Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for kismet.desktop 1558700 kismet (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa Confirmed Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for fwbuilder.desktop 1558707 fwbuilder (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for gtkwave.desktop 1558711 gtkwave (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-19 pdftk should be built with default toolchain (g++/gcj-5) 1559477 pdftk (Harvest) unseeded bugs johfel Triaged Low universe 2016-03-19
2016-03-21 AppStream icon for kdocker.desktop 1558713 kdocker (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-23 AppStream icon for idle.desktop 1559541 python-defaults (Harvest) core bugs janitor Confirmed Low main 2016-03-19
2016-03-23 AppStream icon for supertux2.desktop 1560550 supertux (Harvest) unseeded bugs vincent-c New Medium universe 2016-03-22
2016-03-23 AppStream icon for wifi-radar.desktop 1561221 wifi-radar (Harvest) unseeded bugs josevidal New Undecided universe 2016-03-23
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for xoscope.desktop 1558717 xoscope (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for openjdk-7-policytool.desktop 1558861 openjdk-7 (Harvest) unseeded bugs milcho New Undecided universe 2016-03-18
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for openjdk-8-policytool.desktop 1558865 openjdk-8 (Harvest) core bugs milcho New Low main 2016-03-18
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for gnugo.desktop 1559282 gnugo (Harvest) kubuntu bugs ricardosousa New Low universe 2016-03-18
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for netgen.desktop 1560584 netgen (Harvest) unseeded bugs abibarra New Undecided universe 2016-03-22
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for idle-python2.7.desktop 1561451 python2.7 (Harvest) core bugs kinitrupti-f In Progress Low main 2016-03-24
2016-03-26 lp:~profzoom/ubuntu/wily/unity-greeter-badges/fix-1562182 fix-1562182 sru unity-greeter-badges (wily, Harvest) unseeded branches profzoom 7 comments, (Disapprove) universe 2016-03-26
2016-03-29 Please update to 1.5.0 1563435 upgrade diodon (Harvest) unseeded bugs amribrahim1987 Triaged Low universe 2016-03-29
2016-04-04 cmake crashed with SIGSEGV in cmTarget::GetProperty() 1564741 sru cmake (xenial, Harvest) core bugs costamagnagianfranco New Medium main 2016-04-01
2016-04-04 lp:~billy-olsen/nova/kilo+lp1374999 kilo+lp1374999 nova (upstream) openstack,ubuntu-server branches billy-olsen main 2016-04-04
2016-04-09 nova resize doesn't resize(extend) rbd disk files when using rbd disk backend 1369465 nova (Harvest) openstack,ubuntu-server bugs cbjchen In Progress Medium main 2014-09-15
2016-04-15 Merge bugfix release webkitgtk 2.4.11-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1571071 merge webkitgtk (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs seb128 New Wishlist universe 2016-04-15
2016-04-16 lp:~johnjay/ubuntu/trusty/djmount/fix-segfault-1322813 fix-segfault-1322813 sru djmount (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches johnjay 2 comments universe 2016-04-16
2016-04-19 libsdl2:i386 needs egl-mesa 1536081 sru libsdl2 (trusty, Harvest) ubuntukylin,lubuntu bugs monsta Triaged Medium universe 2016-01-20
2016-04-21 php -R - $argn seems to have last char missing 1572465 sru php7.0 (xenial, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs tracey-pooh Triaged Medium main 2016-04-20
2016-04-21 lp:~pirabarlen-cheenaramen/ubuntu/wily/nagios-plugins/crypto-fix crypto-fix sru nagios-plugins (wily, Harvest) unseeded branches pirabarlen-cheenaramen main 2016-04-21
2016-04-21 Zlib functions (gzopen etc.) are undefined while gzopen64 etc. exist 1315888 sru php5 (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs mathew-hodson Triaged High main 2014-05-04
2016-04-22 Sync ndppd 0.2.5-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1573475 sync, sru ndppd (xenial, Harvest) unseeded bugs dholbach Incomplete Wishlist universe 2016-04-22
2016-04-25 Ownership/Permissions of vhost_user sockets for openvswitch-dpdk make them unusable by libvirt/qemu/kvm 1546565 sru openvswitch (xenial, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs hudson-openstack New Undecided main 2016-02-17
2016-04-26 [SRU] microrelease exception for src:php7.0 1569609 php7.0 (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs janitor Confirmed Wishlist main 2016-04-12
2016-04-27 id crashed with SIGSEGV in sock_eq() 1571456 glibc (Harvest) core bugs anders-kaseorg Triaged Medium main 2016-04-18
2016-04-27 Please merge bugfix release fuse 2.9.5-1 (main) from Debian testing (main) 1567094 merge fuse (Harvest) core bugs pitti New Undecided main 2016-04-06
2016-04-29 Needs to implement the full DEP-11 icon spec for compatibility with 3rd-party repos 1576780 sru appstream-glib (xenial, Harvest) desktop-core bugs ximion Fix Committed Medium main 2016-04-29
2016-05-02 php-seclib: Call to undefined method Crypt_Base::Crypt_Base() 1574058 sru phpseclib (xenial, Harvest) unseeded bugs rhansen Confirmed Medium universe 2016-04-23
2016-05-02 lp:~apachelogger/software-properties/series-check series-check software-properties (upstream) desktop-core,ubuntu-server branches apachelogger 2 comments main 2016-05-02
2016-05-05 Raspberry Pi 3 support 1578505 flash-kernel (Harvest) core bugs crichton Triaged Wishlist main 2016-05-05
2016-05-05 setupcon looks for VARIANT in wrong path: /usr/etc/default/ 1578540 console-setup (Harvest) core bugs crichton New Undecided main 2016-05-05
2016-05-09 Requesting sponsorship for fixing #1562182 1579830 unity-greeter-badges (Harvest) unseeded bugs profzoom New Undecided universe 2016-05-09
2016-05-09 missing greeter icon for budgie-desktop 1562182 unity-greeter-badges (Harvest) unseeded bugs hexcube In Progress Wishlist universe 2016-03-25
2016-05-10 [SRU] hoteldruid now depends on php-xml 1580318 sru hoteldruid (xenial, Harvest) unseeded bugs drw06g-marco-52bk9e In Progress Low universe 2016-05-10
2016-05-10 PHPMyAdmin requires mbstring 1577482 sru phpmyadmin (xenial, Harvest) unseeded bugs racb Triaged Medium universe 2016-05-02
2016-05-12 GCC stack access scheduled after stack deallocation 1572613 sru gcc-5 (xenial, Harvest) security bugs arges Fix Committed High main 2016-04-20
2016-05-12 lp:~brandontschaefer/libsdl/mir-support1.2 mir-support1.2 sru libsdl1.2 (wily, Harvest) ubuntu-server,edubuntu branches brandontschaefer main 2016-05-12
2016-05-13 ImageMagick Security Issue: CVE-2016-3714 1578398 sru imagemagick (precise, trusty, yakkety, wily, xenial, Harvest) security bugs dgadomski Confirmed Medium main 2016-05-04
2016-05-13 lp:~3v1n0/unity-settings-daemon/keep-cached-kbd-backlight-updated keep-cached-kbd-backlight-updated unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches 3v1n0 main 2016-05-13
2016-05-15 Wrapper doesn't include TLSCipherSuite 1381840 pure-ftpd (Harvest) security bugs mdeslaur Triaged Medium universe 2014-10-16
2016-05-16 please merge busybox from debian 1582267 merge busybox (Harvest) core bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided main 2016-05-16
2016-05-16 please merge choose-mirror from debian 1582219 merge choose-mirror (Harvest) core bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided main 2016-05-16
2016-05-16 please merge python-tornado from debian 1582280 merge python-tornado (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs costamagnagianfranco Confirmed Undecided universe 2016-05-16
2016-05-16 [SRU] Sync drupal7 7.43-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1582340 upgrade, sru drupal7 (xenial, Harvest) unseeded bugs nacc New Low universe 2016-05-16
2016-05-17 not installed 997172 smbldap-tools (Harvest) unseeded bugs nacc In Progress Medium universe 2012-05-09
2016-05-20 Keyboard backlight isn't properly restored after idle on systems with hardwired configuration 1583861 sru gnome-settings-daemon (xenial, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs 3v1n0 New Medium main 2016-05-20
2016-05-20 lp:~xnox/ubuntu-seeds/lp1577833 lp1577833 ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches xnox 2 comments, (Needs Information) universe 2016-05-20
2016-05-20 update-manager crashed with AttributeError in check_hovering(): 'tuple' object has no attribute 'get_tags' 1548425 update-manager (Harvest) core bugs janitor Triaged Medium main 2016-02-22
2016-05-21 Update firmware for Raspberry Pi 3 support 1578745 linux-firmware-raspi2 (Harvest) unseeded bugs fo0bar Triaged Medium multiverse 2016-05-05
2016-05-23 Togo keyboard layout / compose keys 1584314 ibus (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,input-methods,kubuntu bugs gunnarhj New Medium main 2016-05-21
2016-05-23 Managing access gets HTTP 500 due to using deprecated option timeout 1582475 sru swauth (trusty, wily, xenial, Harvest) unseeded bugs sidharth-kudige In Progress Medium universe 2016-05-17
2016-05-24 Sync pixfrogger 1.0-4 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1585058 sync pixfrogger (Harvest) unseeded bugs dholbach New Wishlist universe 2016-05-24
2016-05-25 Upgrading samba to latest security fixes together with winbind in nsswitch.conf can harm entire OS 1584485 sru samba (precise, trusty, yakkety, wily, xenial, Harvest) security bugs inaddy Confirmed High main 2016-05-22
2016-05-25 Upgrading samba to latest security fixes together with winbind in nsswitch.conf can harm entire OS 1584485 sru samba (precise, trusty, yakkety, wily, xenial, Harvest) core bugs inaddy Confirmed High main 2016-05-22
2016-05-25 Merge 1.11-1 from debian 1585470 merge redshift (Harvest) unseeded bugs noskcaj New Wishlist universe 2016-05-25
2016-05-26 WiFi malfunction after suspend & resume stress 1585863 network-manager (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs fourdollars New High main 2016-05-26
2016-05-26 lp:~seb128/update-notifier/logs-no-ctime logs-no-ctime update-notifier (upstream) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server branches willcooke 1 comments, (Approve) main 2016-05-26
2016-05-27 power applet doesn't update charge unless it is removed/plugging in charger 1568790 cinnamon-settings-daemon (Harvest) unseeded bugs crichton Confirmed Undecided universe 2016-04-11
2016-05-27 Sync python-urllib3 1.15.1-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1586254 sync python-urllib3 (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs logan New Wishlist main 2016-05-27
2016-05-27 please merge vsftpd from debian 1586312 merge vsftpd (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided main 2016-05-27
2016-05-27 lp:~kaihengfeng/unity-settings-daemon/add-signal-queue add-signal-queue unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches kaihengfeng main 2016-05-27


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