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2015-09-16 Default values for WAIT_STATE are wrong in the upstart wait-for-state job 1465386 sru upstart (trusty, Harvest) core bugs mterry Confirmed Medium main 2015-06-15
2015-09-24 /etc/bash_command_not_found is utterly broken 1479805 command-not-found (Harvest) core bugs laney In Progress Low main 2015-07-30
2015-10-24 decrypt_gnupg prompt does not accept any keyboard input 885358 cryptsetup (Harvest) core bugs laney Confirmed Medium main 2011-11-02
2015-12-09 lp:~e7appew/ubuntu/wily/bombono-dvd/mux-files-with-spaces-wily mux-files-with-spaces-wily sru bombono-dvd (wily, Harvest) unseeded branches e7appew universe 2015-12-09
2015-12-10 Please use dpkg-triggers 1250109 linux (Harvest) kernel,core bugs psusi Triaged Wishlist main 2013-11-11
2016-01-19 please merge libgksu 2.0.13~pre1-8 from debian 1535686 merge libgksu (Harvest) edubuntu bugs costamagnagianfranco New Wishlist universe 2016-01-19
2016-01-27 [SRU] dlm package installation fails 1248054 sru dlm (wily, trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs janitor Triaged High main 2013-11-05
2016-02-01 please transition to shared libraries 1508122 juju-core (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs crichton New High main 2015-10-20
2016-02-02 rabbit: starvation of connections for reply 1521958 sru oslo.messaging (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs james-page New Medium main 2015-12-02
2016-02-08 bash-completion tilde expansion every time 1390061 sru bash-completion (trusty, xenial, Harvest) core bugs xtrusia In Progress Undecided main 2014-11-06
2016-02-08 libnl: fail to bind() netlink sockets 1511735 sru libnl3 (trusty, Harvest) core bugs mathew-hodson Triaged Medium main 2015-10-30
2016-02-10 InfiniBand DHCP flow with PRA and DHCP relay not working 1529815 sru isc-dhcp (trusty, wily, xenial, Harvest) core bugs talat-b87 In Progress Medium main 2015-12-29
2016-02-12 lp:~sajoupa/ubuntu/precise/weathermap4rrd/weathermap4rrd-fix-rrdtool-version-support weathermap4rrd-fix-rrdtool-version-support sru weathermap4rrd (precise, Harvest) unseeded branches sajoupa universe 2016-02-12
2016-02-15 wpa-roam does not support logical "master" interfaces 1545363 wpa (Harvest) core bugs s-launchpad-paulsd-com Incomplete Low main 2016-02-14
2016-02-18 [FFe] [needs-packaging] linux backports and related meta packages 1546967 ubuntu (Harvest) unseeded bugs tjaalton New Wishlist universe 2016-02-18
2016-02-20 [FFe] Enable libappindicator support 1547826 ibus (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,input-methods,kubuntu bugs ikuya-fruitsbasket Triaged Low main 2016-02-20
2016-02-22 lp:~e7appew/ubuntu/wily/audio-convert/nmu nmu sru audio-convert (wily, Harvest) unseeded branches e7appew universe 2016-02-22
2016-02-26 [PowerVM] Ubuntu 16.04 does not install bootloader on multiple PReP partitions in Software RAID1 configuration 1550448 sru grub-installer (trusty, Harvest) core bugs bugproxy New High main 2016-02-26
2016-03-03 lp:~torsten.franz/kubuntu-web-shortcuts/kubuntu-web-shortcuts kubuntu-web-shortcuts kubuntu-web-shortcuts (upstream) kubuntu branches torsten.franz universe 2016-03-03
2016-03-04 openipmi startup script removes kernel modules 1318317 sru openipmi (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs tjaalton Fix Committed High main 2014-05-11
2016-03-06 lp:~dsmythies/installation-guide/xenial xenial installation-guide (upstream) core branches dsmythies 1 comments main 2016-03-06
2016-03-06 Desktop file does not open ImageMagick from the menu 1550210 imagemagick (Harvest) desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs retail-0 Confirmed Medium main 2016-02-26
2016-03-08 should install to /usr/share, not /usr/lib 1554401 golang-race-detector-runtime (Harvest) unseeded bugs mwhudson New Low universe 2016-03-08
2016-03-14 lp:~chrisccoulson/unity-settings-daemon/lp1542699 lp1542699 unity-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches chrisccoulson main 2016-03-14
2016-03-14 lp:~noorez-kassam/ubuntu/trusty/initramfs-tools/fix-for-1317437 fix-for-1317437 sru initramfs-tools (trusty, Harvest) core branches noorez-kassam main 2016-03-14
2016-03-15 lp:~cbjchen/horizon/lp1382079 lp1382079 horizon (upstream) openstack,ubuntu-server branches cbjchen main 2016-03-15
2016-03-16 "net join" to Active Directory may fail 1551175 samba (Harvest) core bugs bjoern-j3e Confirmed Medium main 2016-02-29
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for mancala.desktop 1557338 mancala (Harvest) unseeded bugs laney Incomplete Undecided universe 2016-03-15
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for kgpg.desktop 1558664 kgpg (Harvest) kubuntu bugs laney Incomplete Low universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for jedit.desktop 1558671 jedit (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for grisbi.desktop 1558685 grisbi (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for xsensors.desktop 1558691 xsensors (Harvest) unseeded bugs abibarra In Progress Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for kismet.desktop 1558700 kismet (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for fwbuilder.desktop 1558707 fwbuilder (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-17 AppStream icon for gtkwave.desktop 1558711 gtkwave (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-19 pdftk should be built with default toolchain (g++/gcj-5) 1559477 pdftk (Harvest) unseeded bugs johfel New Wishlist universe 2016-03-19
2016-03-21 AppStream icon for kdocker.desktop 1558713 kdocker (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-23 lp:~logan/debian-policy/fix-ftbfs fix-ftbfs debian-policy (upstream) unseeded branches logan universe 2016-03-23
2016-03-23 AppStream icon for idle.desktop 1559541 python-defaults (Harvest) core bugs janitor Confirmed Low main 2016-03-19
2016-03-23 AppStream icon for supertux2.desktop 1560550 supertux (Harvest) unseeded bugs vincent-c New Medium universe 2016-03-22
2016-03-23 AppStream icon for wifi-radar.desktop 1561221 wifi-radar (Harvest) unseeded bugs josevidal New Undecided universe 2016-03-23
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for xoscope.desktop 1558717 xoscope (Harvest) unseeded bugs ricardosousa New Undecided universe 2016-03-17
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for openjdk-7-policytool.desktop 1558861 openjdk-7 (Harvest) unseeded bugs milcho New Undecided universe 2016-03-18
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for openjdk-8-policytool.desktop 1558865 openjdk-8 (Harvest) core bugs milcho New Low main 2016-03-18
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for gnugo.desktop 1559282 gnugo (Harvest) kubuntu bugs ricardosousa New Low universe 2016-03-18
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for netgen.desktop 1560584 netgen (Harvest) unseeded bugs abibarra New Undecided universe 2016-03-22
2016-03-24 AppStream icon for idle-python2.7.desktop 1561451 python2.7 (Harvest) core bugs kinitrupti-f In Progress Low main 2016-03-24
2016-03-26 lp:~profzoom/ubuntu/wily/unity-greeter-badges/fix-1562182 fix-1562182 sru unity-greeter-badges (wily, Harvest) unseeded branches profzoom 4 comments, (Resubmit) universe 2016-03-26
2016-03-29 Please update to bugfix release 1.4.0 in Xenial 1563435 upgrade diodon (Harvest) unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Low universe 2016-03-29
2016-04-04 lp:~billy-olsen/nova/kilo+lp1374999 kilo+lp1374999 nova (upstream) openstack,ubuntu-server branches billy-olsen main 2016-04-04
2016-04-06 OpenLDAP: Backport a fix for use-after-free in GnuTLS-related code 1557248 openldap (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs maciej-puzio Confirmed Medium main 2016-03-15
2016-04-09 nova resize doesn't resize(extend) rbd disk files when using rbd disk backend 1369465 nova (Harvest) openstack,ubuntu-server bugs cbjchen In Progress Medium main 2014-09-15
2016-04-12 'pip3 list' throws AssertionError 1445947 python-pip (Harvest) unseeded bugs crichton In Progress Medium universe 2015-04-19
2016-04-13 kpatch-build build log file needs to be smaller 1570012 kpatch (Harvest) unseeded bugs crichton New Wishlist universe 2016-04-13
2016-04-13 lp:~cjwatson/extract-changelogs/order-by-date order-by-date extract-changelogs (upstream) unseeded branches cjwatson universe 2016-04-13
2016-04-15 lp:~ted/ubuntu-seeds/policy-kit policy-kit ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches ted universe 2016-04-15
2016-04-15 [UIFe] Window actions such as Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Move, Resize... Aren't accessible from HUD 1570812 ubuntu-docs (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs janitor New Low main 2016-04-15
2016-04-16 lp:~johnjay/ubuntu/trusty/djmount/fix-segfault-1322813 fix-segfault-1322813 sru djmount (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches johnjay 2 comments universe 2016-04-16
2016-04-18 AppStream icon for mdbtools-gmdb.desktop 1569666 mdbtools (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs randy-jr-olive New Low main 2016-04-13
2016-04-18 watchdogd doesn't start on boot 1448924 watchdog (Harvest) unseeded bugs raharper Confirmed Medium universe 2015-04-27
2016-04-19 libsdl2:i386 needs egl-mesa 1536081 libsdl2 (Harvest) ubuntukylin,lubuntu bugs monsta Confirmed Medium universe 2016-01-20
2016-04-21 php -R - $argn seems to have last char missing 1572465 sru php7.0 (xenial, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs janitor New Medium main 2016-04-20
2016-04-21 SRU: ubuntu-mate-welcome bug fix 1572931 sru ubuntu-mate-welcome (xenial, Harvest) ubuntu-mate bugs flexiondotorg In Progress Undecided universe 2016-04-21
2016-04-21 Zlib functions (gzopen etc.) are undefined while gzopen64 etc. exist 1315888 sru php5 (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs mathew-hodson Triaged High main 2014-05-04
2016-04-22 Sync ndppd 0.2.5-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1573475 sync, sru ndppd (xenial, Harvest) unseeded bugs dholbach Incomplete Wishlist universe 2016-04-22
2016-04-22 Apt's bash completion is incomplete 1573547 apt (Harvest) core bugs nightuser Triaged Low main 2016-04-22
2016-04-22 USN-2953-1: MySQL vulnerabilities partially applies to MariaDB too 1573761 sru mariadb-5.5 (trusty, Harvest) security bugs otto New Medium universe 2016-04-22
2016-04-23 Brasero not translated at all on ubuntu 16.04 1574090 sru brasero (xenial, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs gunnarhj In Progress High universe 2016-04-23
2016-04-25 Ownership/Permissions of vhost_user sockets for openvswitch-dpdk make them unusable by libvirt/qemu/kvm 1546565 sru dpdk (xenial, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs janitor Fix Committed High main 2016-02-17
2016-04-25 lp:~gaul/update-manager/support-ends support-ends update-manager (upstream) core branches gaul main 2016-04-25
2016-04-26 appstreamcli: double free or corruption with certain metadata 1574896 sru appstream (xenial, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs crichton Fix Committed High main 2016-04-25
2016-04-26 lp:~3v1n0/nautilus/menubar-visibility-signals menubar-visibility-signals nautilus (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches 3v1n0 main 2016-04-26
2016-04-26 [SRU] microrelease exception for src:php7.0 1569609 php7.0 (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs nacc New Undecided main 2016-04-12
2016-04-27 id crashed with SIGSEGV in sock_eq() 1571456 glibc (Harvest) core bugs crichton Confirmed Medium main 2016-04-18
2016-04-27 lp:~mitya57/ubuntu-dev-tools/grep-merges-fix grep-merges-fix ubuntu-dev-tools (upstream) unseeded branches mitya57 universe 2016-04-27
2016-04-27 please merge cmake from debian 1575814 merge cmake (Harvest) core bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided main 2016-04-27
2016-04-27 Sync maintenance release lcms2 2.7-1 (main) from Debian testing (main) 1572112 sync lcms2 (Harvest) core bugs amribrahim1987 New Undecided main 2016-04-19
2016-04-27 Sync ntfs-3g 1:2016.2.22AR.1-3 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1568338 sync ntfs-3g (Harvest) core bugs janitor Confirmed Critical main 2016-04-09
2016-04-27 Sync amanda 1:3.3.8-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main) 1571807 sync amanda (Harvest) unseeded bugs logan New Wishlist universe 2016-04-18
2016-04-27 Sync fuse 2.9.6-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1567094 sync fuse (Harvest) core bugs amribrahim1987 New Undecided main 2016-04-06
2016-04-27 Merge laptop-mode-tools 1.69.2-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main) 1567016 merge laptop-mode-tools (Harvest) unseeded bugs amribrahim1987 New Undecided universe 2016-04-06
2016-04-27 Sync p7zip-rar 15.14.1-1 (multiverse) from Debian unstable (non-free) 1563518 sync p7zip-rar (Harvest) unseeded bugs amribrahim1987 New Undecided multiverse 2016-03-29
2016-04-27 Sync p7zip 15.14.1+dfsg-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1563508 sync p7zip (Harvest) kubuntu bugs amribrahim1987 New Undecided universe 2016-03-29
2016-04-27 Please merge bugfix release octave 4.0.1-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main) 1563100 merge octave (Harvest) unseeded bugs amribrahim1987 Confirmed Undecided universe 2016-03-28
2016-04-27 Please sync converall 0.6.1-2 from Debian testing 1557587 sync convertall (Harvest) unseeded bugs amribrahim1987 New Low universe 2016-03-15
2016-04-28 lp:~smoser/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.yakkety.server-has-ssh ubuntu.yakkety.server-has-ssh ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches mdeslaur 2 comments universe 2016-04-28
2016-04-28 Wrong evaluation whether json is valid or not 1287726 sru php-json (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs nacc In Progress Medium main 2014-03-04


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