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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2013-12-10 lp:~brunonova/oneconf/lp1165104 lp1165104 oneconf (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches brunonova 10 comments main 2013-12-10
2014-08-10 lp:~tj/ubuntu/trusty/grub-installer/lp1354730 lp1354730 sru grub-installer (trusty, Harvest) core branches cjwatson 2 comments, (Needs Fixing) main 2014-08-10
2014-08-20 lp:~noskcaj/gnome-menus/3.13 3.13 gnome-menus (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches noskcaj main 2014-08-20
2014-08-29 [FFe] Fcitx input method integration in Unity 1363150 indicator-keyboard (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs ikuya-fruitsbasket New Undecided main 2014-08-29
2014-09-11 MAAS does not use NTP servers specified in DHCPD options 1257082 sru isc-dhcp (precise, trusty, Harvest) core bugs racb New Undecided main 2013-12-02
2014-09-25 remember password on printing to windows printers does not work 445333 sru gtk+2.0 (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs janitor Triaged High main 2009-10-07
2014-10-10 lp:~yuningdodo/ubuntu/trusty/util-linux/util-linux.backport-wipefs-partition-table-erasing-support util-linux.backport-wipefs-partition-table-erasing-support sru util-linux (trusty, Harvest) core branches yuningdodo main 2014-10-10
2014-10-27 [SRU] Using `fastcgi_cache` or `proxy_cache` with nginx-extras causes the push module to throw errors. 1216817 sru nginx (precise, trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs avorobyoff Triaged Low main, universe 2013-08-26
2014-10-29 iSCSI volume detach does not correctly remove the multipath device descriptors 1374999 sru nova (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs hudson-openstack Confirmed Undecided main 2014-09-28
2014-11-05 lp:~ctf/unity-settings-daemon/bug1389099_mic_volume_icons bug1389099_mic_volume_icons sru unity-settings-daemon (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop branches ctf main 2014-11-05
2014-11-08 Pinta is not in "Open With" menu of pictures 1177051 sru pinta (utopic, vivid, trusty, Harvest) cli-mono bugs janitor Triaged Medium universe 2013-05-06
2014-11-16 GNUbg crashes shortly after starting game 1393105 sru gnubg (utopic, trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs mpetch New Undecided universe 2014-11-16
2014-11-21 lp:~xav0989/ubuntu/vivid/mailman/ubuntu-logo ubuntu-logo mailman (Harvest) ubuntu-server branches seb128 4 comments main 2014-11-21
2014-11-25 Merge cups-filters 1.0.61-4 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1396373 merge cups-filters (Harvest) core bugs odyx Triaged Wishlist main 2014-11-25
2014-12-01 Doesn't scale well on a hidpi display 1286878 unity-greeter (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs fourdollars Triaged Medium main 2014-03-02
2014-12-07 lp:~xnox/system-service/pac-support pac-support system-service (upstream) unseeded branches xnox universe 2014-12-07
2014-12-09 lp:~marjinal1st/ubuntu/trusty/python-sfml/bugfix bugfix sru python-sfml (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches marjinal1st universe 2014-12-09
2014-12-10 lp:~swt-techie/ubuntu/trusty/ddclient/bug-1068884 bug-1068884 sru ddclient (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches swt-techie universe 2014-12-10
2014-12-10 lp:~swt-techie/ubuntu/utopic/ddclient/bug-1068884 bug-1068884 sru ddclient (utopic, Harvest) unseeded branches swt-techie universe 2014-12-10
2014-12-15 Trouble when removing transitional packages 778054 sru zeitgeist (trusty, Harvest) desktop-core bugs mathew-hodson In Progress Undecided main 2011-05-05
2014-12-15 evince and okular do not render eps files correctly resulting in a black background 1348384 libspectre (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs racb Fix Committed High main 2014-07-24
2014-12-16 lp:~xnox/ubuntu-dev-tools/drop-mox drop-mox ubuntu-dev-tools (upstream) unseeded branches xnox universe 2014-12-16
2014-12-18 [GNOME3 Staging PPA] strange shadow rendered where client-side decorations are used 1378188 xserver-xorg-video-intel (Harvest) desktop-core,xorg bugs crichton Confirmed Low main 2014-10-07
2014-12-19 Critcial security vulnerabilties in docker < 1.3.3 1396572 sru (utopic, trusty, Harvest) security bugs kirkland Confirmed High universe 2014-11-26
2014-12-22 [Utopic] OpenLDAP version is outdated 1395098 upgrade openldap (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs rtandy In Progress Undecided main 2014-11-21
2014-12-29 SRU request for bugfix release (debian.tar.gz for trusty provided) 1289592 sru onboard (utopic, vivid, trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs amribrahim1987 New Undecided main 2014-03-07
2015-01-01 ecryptfs does not work for domain users (AD, likewise/powerbroker) 1406940 ecryptfs-utils (Harvest) core bugs crichton New Undecided main 2015-01-01
2015-01-05 lp:~kramsmada/ubuntu/vivid/gnupg2/1407513-gpg-agent-set-ssh-env-vars 1407513-gpg-agent-set-ssh-env-vars gnupg2 (Harvest) core branches kramsmada main 2015-01-05
2015-01-10 apache2.2 SSL has no forward-secrecy: need ECDHE keys 1197884 sru apache2 (precise, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs jonathan00 Confirmed Wishlist main 2013-07-04
2015-01-11 lp:~xnox/ubuntu/vivid/nuntium/drop-sys-events drop-sys-events nuntium (Harvest) unseeded branches xnox 1 comments universe 2015-01-11
2015-01-11 lp:~xnox/apt-setup/lp1409555 lp1409555 apt-setup (upstream) core branches xnox main 2015-01-11
2015-01-12 lp:~b-launchpad-freshway-biz/ubuntu/trusty/gdnsd/new-upstream-2-2-0 new-upstream-2-2-0 sru gdnsd (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches b-launchpad-freshway-biz universe 2015-01-12
2015-01-12 lp:~xnox/ubuntu-release-upgrader/lp1409555 lp1409555 ubuntu-release-upgrader (upstream) core branches mvo 8 comments, (Approve) main 2015-01-12
2015-01-13 git-annex fails to encrypt AWS credentials 1406678 git-annex (Harvest) security bugs crichton Incomplete Undecided universe 2014-12-31
2015-01-13 enable hmac-sha2-256, hmac-sha2-512 MAC algorithms 1409798 dropbear (Harvest) unseeded bugs crichton Triaged Medium universe 2015-01-12
2015-01-14 Nvidia and AMD graphics drivers should indicate whether they provide,, etc. 1129409 fglrx-installer (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs areginato-hotmail In Progress Medium restricted 2013-02-18
2015-01-15 [PATCH] Enable tuning of EXT images produced by lb_binary_rootfs 1411310 live-build (Harvest) desktop-core bugs daniel-thewatkins New Undecided main 2015-01-15
2015-01-16 Build-Depends cannot be fulfilled in precise 1411630 openjdk-8 (Harvest) unseeded bugs mitya57 Incomplete Undecided universe 2015-01-16
2015-01-18 gpg-agent upstart script doesn't set SSH environment variables 1407513 gnupg2 (Harvest) core bugs kramsmada Fix Committed Undecided main 2015-01-04
2015-01-21 cvsps chokes on servers that print more than one "M" response to "version" command 1413084 cvsps (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server bugs crichton Triaged Medium main 2015-01-21
2015-01-22 virtualbox multiple security vulnerabilities 1413603 virtualbox (Harvest) security bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided multiverse 2015-01-22
2015-01-22 lp:~dbarth/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.utopic-signon-apparmor-extension ubuntu-touch.utopic-signon-apparmor-extension ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches dbarth universe 2015-01-22
2015-01-23 lp:~3v1n0/ubuntu/trusty/freetype/multithread-safe multithread-safe sru freetype (trusty, Harvest) core branches 3v1n0 main 2015-01-23
2015-01-23 lp:~vicamo/ofono-qt/parallel-build parallel-build ofono-qt (upstream) unseeded branches vicamo universe 2015-01-23
2015-01-24 lp:~darkxst/gnome-session/wayland-split wayland-split gnome-session (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches darkxst main 2015-01-24
2015-01-24 sudo show predefine PAM prompt with some PAM Modules, no default sudo prompt 1414303 sudo (Harvest) core bugs crichton New Medium main 2015-01-24
2015-01-24 lp:~ldgoodridge95/ubuntu/vivid/upstart/rm-libjson0 rm-libjson0 upstart (Harvest) core branches ldgoodridge95 main 2015-01-24
2015-01-25 lp:~maozhou/ubuntu/utopic/bumprace/fix-for-123456789 fix-for-123456789 sru bumprace (utopic, Harvest) unseeded branches mitya57 1 comments universe 2015-01-25
2015-01-25 Backport xtables-addons 2.6-1 to trusty 1414482 sru xtables-addons (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs seb128 New Undecided universe 2015-01-25
2015-01-26 HTTPTunnel Client (from root) crashing when trying to connect 1414758 httptunnel (Harvest) unseeded bugs crichton New Undecided universe 2015-01-26
2015-01-26 lp:~saiarcot895/ubuntu/trusty/qtconnectivity-opensource-src/enable-bluetooth enable-bluetooth sru qtconnectivity-opensource-src (trusty, Harvest) qt5 branches saiarcot895 universe 2015-01-26
2015-01-27 Pacemaker (stonith) can seg fault in Trusty and Utopic after following message: Source ID XX was not found when attempting to remove it 1412962 pacemaker (Harvest) core bugs inaddy In Progress Undecided main 2015-01-20
2015-01-27 lp:~psusi/ubuntu/vivid/grub-installer/fix-efi-multi-disk-installs fix-efi-multi-disk-installs grub-installer (Harvest) core branches psusi main 2015-01-27
2015-01-28 Default ups.conf should have maxretry setting above examples section. 1405822 nut (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs iheino+ub New Undecided main 2014-12-26
2015-01-28 New release available upstream (debianization for vivid provided) 1415041 upgrade onboard (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs frafu New Undecided main 2015-01-27
2015-01-29 lp:~noskcaj/gnome-settings-daemon/nm-0.9.10 nm-0.9.10 gnome-settings-daemon (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches darkxst 1 comments, (Approve) main 2015-01-29
2015-01-29 lp:~dtyi/ubuntu/vivid/macchanger-gtk/endding-spellingfix endding-spellingfix macchanger-gtk (Harvest) unseeded branches seb128 1 comments universe 2015-01-29
2015-01-30 lp:~pr-nizar/w3af/bug-1096580 bug-1096580 sru w3af (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches pr-nizar universe 2015-01-30
2015-01-30 Please import scoop/0.7.1-1 from Debian Unstable 1414724 scoop (Harvest) unseeded bugs mitya57 Fix Committed Undecided universe 2015-01-26
2015-01-30 gnome-control-center.real crashed with SIGSEGV in gtk_lock_button_set_permission() 1379446 sru deja-dup (utopic, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs darkxst Confirmed Undecided main 2014-10-09
2015-01-30 lp:~noskcaj/ubuntu/vivid/lyricue/3.7.1 3.7.1 lyricue (Harvest) unseeded branches noskcaj universe 2015-01-30
2015-01-30 lp:~noskcaj/ubuntu/vivid/snappy-player/1.0 1.0 snappy-player (Harvest) unseeded branches noskcaj universe 2015-01-30


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