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2015-07-03 [SRU] urdfdom-headers: critical numerical issues problem when converting angles 1471047 sru urdfdom-headers (trusty) unseeded bugs j-rivero New Undecided universe 2015-07-03
2019-05-06 swift-container package is missing Upstart and System V files for the container-sharder service 1827340 swift () openstack bugs tkurek In Progress Low main 2019-05-02
2019-06-06 [SRU] rabbitmqadmin shows %%VSN%% as version 1773324 sru rabbitmq-server (eoan, bionic, focal, disco) ubuntu-server bugs bryce Triaged High main 2018-05-25
2019-06-26 Ubiquity crashes with mount points that are FAT16/32 1770093 partman-basicfilesystems () core,i386-excludes bugs seb128 New Low main 2018-05-09
2019-06-26 [SRU] Please accept zeroc-ice to supported releases 1815684 upgrade, sru zeroc-ice (bionic) cli-mono bugs y-jose New Low universe 2019-02-12
2019-06-27 [SRU] package gconf2 3.2.6-3ubuntu6 failed to install/upgrade: dependency problems - leaving triggers unprocessed 1551623 gconf () i386-whitelist,ubuntu-desktop bugs monsta Triaged Critical universe 2016-03-01
2019-07-17 Freecad crashes at start 1754084 freecad () unseeded bugs maleous Confirmed Medium universe 2018-03-07
2019-07-17 Freecad's start workbench points to missing webgui -> almost empty gui 1753376 sru freecad (bionic) unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Low universe 2018-03-05
2019-07-18 bluebird-gtk-theme 1.3-1 window borders incompatible with Cinnamon >= 3.8 and don't appear in the theme application menu 1836975 sru bluebird-gtk-theme (eoan, disco) ubuntustudio bugs crichton In Progress Medium universe 2019-07-17
2019-08-23 Eoan autopkgtest regressions - Migration Excuses 1840485 bareos () unseeded bugs racb Triaged Medium universe 2019-08-16
2019-08-30 The Nonce model needs an index 1842043 django-piston3 () ubuntu-server bugs crichton In Progress Low main 2019-08-30
2019-09-19 kpatch 0.5.0-0ubuntu2 ADT test failure with linux 5.3.0-0.1 1837886 sru kpatch (bionic) unseeded bugs crichton New Low universe 2019-07-25
2019-10-15 lp:~xnox/ubuntu-release-upgrader/eoan-kernel-sizes eoan-kernel-sizes ubuntu-release-upgrader (upstream) core branches xnox main 2019-10-15
2019-10-20 zfs on root fails with grub syntax error with multidisks pools 1848856 sru grub2 (eoan) core bugs jsailor Triaged Medium main 2019-10-19
2019-11-04 Tig crashes when searching if used as git pager 1851235 tig () unseeded bugs crichton New Medium universe 2019-11-04
2019-11-15 Disable touchscreen gesture 1852691 xf86-input-wacom () desktop-core,xorg bugs cyruslien New High main 2019-11-15
2019-11-17 lp:~kd913/thunderbird/snap snap thunderbird (upstream) ubuntu-desktop,mozilla branches kd913 main 2019-11-17
2019-11-21 [rfe] northd: Add `status` management command 1853431 openvswitch () ubuntu-server bugs crichton New Wishlist main 2019-11-21
2019-11-21 octavia is not reporting metrics like lbaasv2 1848286 sru ceilometer (bionic) openstack,ubuntu-server bugs corey.bryant Triaged Medium main 2019-10-16
2019-11-25 lp:~debian-janitor/friendly-recovery/lintian-fixes lintian-fixes friendly-recovery (upstream) core branches debian-janitor main 2019-11-25
2019-11-30 Sync lwt 4.3.0-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1854555 sync lwt () unseeded bugs ginggs New Wishlist universe 2019-11-30
2019-11-30 Sync materia-gtk-theme 20190315-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1854563 sync materia-gtk-theme () ubuntustudio bugs amribrahim1987 New Wishlist universe 2019-11-30
2019-12-08 Sync chromium 78.0.3904.108-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1855594 sync chromium () unseeded bugs alkisg Confirmed Wishlist universe 2019-12-08
2019-12-10 Properly let PCM leave suspended state when hardware doesn't support PCM resume 1855893 sru pulseaudio (bionic) i386-whitelist,desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs seb128 In Progress High main 2019-12-10
2019-12-17 removal of various autopilot packages 1856574 autopilot-gtk () unseeded bugs doko Triaged High universe 2019-12-16
2019-12-30 [SRU] Segmentation fault after close polkit window 1856690 sru ukui-biometric-auth (eoan) ubuntukylin bugs feng-kylin New Medium universe 2019-12-17
2020-01-08 Cannot delete TLS Terminated listener if container has been deleted in barbican 1852599 sru octavia (eoan) unseeded bugs corey.bryant Triaged High universe 2019-11-14
2020-01-08 lp:~seb128/update-manager/livepatch-settings-installed livepatch-settings-installed update-manager (upstream) core branches seb128 2 comments main 2020-01-08
2020-01-09 Icingaweb2 does not work with PHP 7.2 1769890 sru icingaweb2 (bionic) unseeded bugs rlaager In Progress Medium universe 2018-05-08
2020-01-11 please update ubuntu-kylin-software-center to 3.1.7 1859270 upgrade ubuntu-kylin-software-center () ubuntukylin bugs plalq New Low universe 2020-01-11
2020-01-29 Xorg's Indirect GLX broken from upstream regression 1776447 xorg-server () i386-whitelist,desktop-core,xorg bugs vanvugt Triaged Medium main 2018-06-12
2020-02-05 please remove ghostwriter [ppc64el s390x] from focal 1862040 ghostwriter () unseeded bugs jsonic New Medium universe 2020-02-05
2020-02-05 please remove minizinc-ide [ppc64el s390x] from focal 1862000 minizinc-ide () unseeded bugs jsonic New Medium universe 2020-02-05
2020-02-09 alsa-lib- should install the alsa-ucm-conf and alsa-topology-conf to focal image by default 1862505 alsa-lib () i386-whitelist,core bugs New High main 2020-02-09
2020-02-09 Sync qalculate-gtk 3.3.0-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main) - Multiple bugs, instabilities and superseded data combined in outdated package of qalculate 1862546 sync qalculate-gtk () unseeded bugs martin-babutzka New Low universe 2020-02-09
2020-02-11 [SRU] WoWLAN settings are not supported 1781597 sru network-manager (bionic) i386-whitelist,desktop-core bugs alfonsosanchezbeato Triaged Wishlist main 2018-07-13
2020-02-12 Request for update: SANE 1.0.29 1862926 upgrade sane-backends () i386-whitelist,desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs nmaxx Confirmed High main 2020-02-12
2020-02-12 [SRU] apt-add-repository adds duplicate commented/disabled source lines 1311056 sru python-apt (eoan, bionic, xenial) i386-whitelist,core bugs janitor New High main 2014-04-22
2020-02-12 Error: Rotation feature not supported by the kernel tracer. 1862936 ltt-control (focal) unseeded bugs mjeanson New Low universe 2020-02-12
2020-02-16 Sync matplotlib 3.1.2-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1863528 sync matplotlib () ubuntustudio bugs amribrahim1987 New Undecided universe 2020-02-16
2020-02-17 [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.19 in bionic 1863609 vala () i386-whitelist,ubuntu-desktop bugs ricotz New Undecided universe 2020-02-17


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