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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2019-07-17 Freecad's start workbench points to missing webgui -> almost empty gui 1753376 sru freecad (bionic) unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Low universe 2018-03-05
2019-07-18 bluebird-gtk-theme 1.3-1 window borders incompatible with Cinnamon >= 3.8 and don't appear in the theme application menu 1836975 sru bluebird-gtk-theme (eoan) ubuntustudio bugs janitor In Progress Medium universe 2019-07-17
2019-08-30 The Nonce model needs an index 1842043 django-piston3 () unseeded bugs crichton In Progress Low universe 2019-08-30
2019-09-19 kpatch 0.5.0-0ubuntu2 ADT test failure with linux 5.3.0-0.1 1837886 sru kpatch (eoan, bionic) unseeded bugs rbalint New Low universe 2019-07-25
2019-10-20 zfs on root fails with grub syntax error with multidisks pools 1848856 sru grub2 (eoan) core bugs jsailor Triaged Medium main 2019-10-19
2019-11-17 lp:~kd913/thunderbird/snap snap thunderbird (upstream) ubuntu-desktop,mozilla branches kd913 main 2019-11-17
2019-11-21 octavia is not reporting metrics like lbaasv2 1848286 sru ceilometer (bionic) openstack,ubuntu-server bugs hudson-openstack Triaged Medium main 2019-10-16
2020-01-08 lp:~seb128/update-manager/livepatch-settings-installed livepatch-settings-installed update-manager (upstream) core branches seb128 2 comments main 2020-01-08
2020-01-09 Icingaweb2 does not work with PHP 7.2 1769890 sru icingaweb2 (bionic) unseeded bugs rlaager In Progress Medium universe 2018-05-08
2020-02-09 Sync qalculate-gtk 3.3.0-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main) 1862546 sync qalculate-gtk () unseeded bugs rbalint Confirmed Wishlist universe 2020-02-09
2020-02-11 [SRU] WoWLAN settings are not supported 1781597 sru network-manager (bionic) i386-whitelist,desktop-core bugs alfonsosanchezbeato Triaged Wishlist main 2018-07-13
2020-03-18 [needs-packaging] Please sync xtrx-dkms from my PPA or Debian Mentors 1867635 ubuntu () unseeded bugs logan New Wishlist universe 2020-03-16
2020-03-27 oscap is broken in ubuntu 19.10 1851682 sru openscap (groovy, eoan, bionic, focal) unseeded bugs seth-arnold Confirmed Low universe 2019-11-07
2020-03-31 Gives package-installs-apt-sources lintian error 1869867 oem-qemu-meta () ubuntu-desktop bugs laney New Medium main 2020-03-31
2020-04-03 ip-netns(8) unmounts /sys filesystem hierarchy within namespace 1870554 iproute2 () i386-whitelist,core bugs lalbornoz New Medium main 2020-04-03
2020-04-09 'Official documentation online' link not linking to latest docs 1834269 ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu () ubuntu-desktop bugs bluesabre Confirmed Medium main 2019-06-26
2020-04-10 Sharded OpWQ drops suicide_grace after waiting for work 1840348 sru ceph (eoan, bionic, focal) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server bugs crichton Confirmed Medium main 2019-08-15
2020-04-14 Cryptswap periodically fails to mount at boot due to missing a udev notification 1838329 sru systemd (groovy, bionic, focal) i386-whitelist,core bugs ddstreet New High main 2019-07-29
2020-04-26 [SRU] Upgrade to to fix regression breaking Epoptes 1875129 upgrade, sru socat (focal) i386-whitelist,core bugs mhodson New Medium main 2020-04-26
2020-04-27 lp:~oheoh/command-not-found/command-not-found command-not-found command-not-found (upstream) core branches oheoh main 2020-04-27
2020-04-29 missing dependencies 1868594 sru ausweisapp2 (focal) unseeded bugs tginzler Confirmed Low universe 2020-03-23
2020-05-03 Enable riscv64 build 1876620 grub2 () core bugs crichton New Wishlist main 2020-05-03
2020-05-04 Could not resume from hibernation when swap is specified as device 1876570 initramfs-tools () i386-whitelist,core bugs crichton New Medium main 2020-05-03
2020-05-06 lp:~vorlon/ubuntu-seeds/kubuntu-drop-mouseemu kubuntu-drop-mouseemu ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches vorlon universe 2020-05-06
2020-05-08 BlueZ 5.54 release 1877536 upgrade bluez () i386-whitelist,ubuntu-desktop bugs vanvugt In Progress Medium main 2020-05-08
2020-05-13 [needs-packaging] libfprint-2-tod1-goodix 1878359 ubuntu () unseeded bugs seb128 Incomplete Wishlist universe 2020-05-13
2020-05-15 Cannot use PRIME render offloading on AMD CPUs 1878245 ubuntu-drivers-common () desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs crichton New Wishlist main 2020-05-12
2020-05-28 libjfxwebkit not present in the package for Focal amd64 1877000 openjfx () unseeded bugs saiarcot895 Confirmed Medium universe 2020-05-05
2020-06-02 smart-notifier installs, but has missing requirments 1875498 sru smart-notifier (focal) unseeded bugs gunnarhj In Progress High universe 2020-04-27
2020-06-03 "Sign In…" string not available for translation 1881896 gnome-software () ubuntu-desktop bugs asciiwolf In Progress Low main 2020-06-03
2020-06-04 Support kernel 5.4 Intel sound driver on bionic 1881094 sru pulseaudio (bionic) i386-whitelist,core bugs kchsieh Fix Committed High main 2020-05-28
2020-06-06 missing archive files in library 1794194 openjpeg2 () i386-whitelist,desktop-core,ubuntu-server bugs seb128 Triaged Low main 2018-09-24
2020-06-08 [MIR] oem-stella.cmit-abra-meta 1882347 sru Ubuntu (focal) unseeded bugs hugh712 In Progress High universe 2020-06-06
2020-06-11 DoS vulnerability: cause resource exhaustion 1881982 whoopsie () desktop-core bugs sungjungk Confirmed Medium main 2020-06-04
2020-06-14 Typo in lxsession-edit package description 1085355 lxsession () unseeded bugs hjd Confirmed Low universe 2012-12-01
2020-06-14 python3-pykdl: PyKDL crashes Python 3 interpretter (SIGABRT) if any API accepting a str is used 1871725 sru orocos-kdl (focal) unseeded bugs mdeslaur In Progress Medium universe 2020-04-08
2020-06-16 [SRU] backport wslu 2.3.6-0ubuntu1 to all current supported releases 1880832 sru wslu (eoan, bionic, xenial) core bugs callmepk New Undecided main 2020-05-27
2020-06-16 Sync evdi 1.7.0+dfsg-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main) 1883684 sync evdi () unseeded bugs p-pisati New Wishlist universe 2020-06-16
2020-06-18 [SRU][focal] Fix segmentation fault during umount.davfs2 1884004 davfs2 () unseeded bugs woodrow-shen Confirmed Medium universe 2020-06-18
2020-06-22 libvirt restore exactly the old ownership of images 691590 sru libvirt (focal) virt,ubuntu-server bugs paelzer Triaged Medium main 2010-12-17
2020-06-24 rsyslogd dmesg unit leaves /var/log/dmesg* world readable 1884887 rsyslog () core bugs sbeattie New Medium main 2020-06-24
2020-06-24 [MIR] oem-somerville-bulbasaur-meta 1884183 ubuntu () unseeded bugs alextu New Undecided universe 2020-06-19
2020-06-25 issue with TLS 1.2 session ticket handling as client during resumption 1873565 sru gnutls28 (eoan, bionic) i386-whitelist,core bugs mhodson New Medium main 2020-04-18
2020-06-28 [MIR] oem-somerville-samwell-tgl-meta 1884491 ubuntu () unseeded bugs kchsieh New Undecided universe 2020-06-22
2020-06-29 copy_file_range test fails with linux 5.3+ on bionic 1853193 sru glibc (bionic) i386-whitelist,core bugs cvs-commit In Progress Medium main 2019-11-19
2020-07-02 missing support for python3.8 language features 1883175 upgrade python-flake8 () i386-whitelist bugs janitor Confirmed Low universe 2020-06-11
2020-07-02 [SRU] flash-kernel needs to support 'raspi' kernel flavors 1868071 sru flash-kernel (bionic) core bugs juergh Confirmed Medium main 2020-03-19
2020-07-03 Enabling DMESG_RESTRICT in Groovy Onward 1886112 linux (groovy) i386-whitelist,kernel,core bugs mruffell Fix Committed Undecided main 2020-07-02
2020-07-06 Sync memtailor 1.0~git20200526-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1886416 sync memtailor () unseeded bugs hjd New Undecided universe 2020-07-06
2020-07-06 Sync mathic 1.0~git20200526-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1886417 sync mathic () unseeded bugs hjd New Undecided universe 2020-07-06


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