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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2014-05-14 do-release-upgrade --sandbox will always fail at installing grub 1314350 ubuntu-release-upgrader (Harvest) core bugs laney Incomplete Medium main 2014-04-29
2014-06-19 lp:~dannf/ubuntu/utopic/flash-kernel/moonshot-updates moonshot-updates flash-kernel (Harvest) core branches dannf main 2014-06-19
2014-06-25 Add patch to allow toolbar dragging 1332721 gtk+2.0 (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs adamsmith Confirmed Wishlist main 2014-06-20
2014-06-30 Trusty LMMS version is based off wrong branch 1335542 sru lmms (trusty, Harvest) ubuntustudio bugs janitor Confirmed Undecided universe 2014-06-29
2014-07-03 lp:~hannahermsen/ubuntu/trusty/ristretto/bug-1284111 bug-1284111 sru ristretto (trusty, Harvest) xubuntu,ubuntustudio branches hannahermsen universe 2014-07-03
2014-07-03 lp:~utlemming/ubuntu/precise/cloud-init/lp1336855 lp1336855 sru cloud-init (precise, Harvest) ubuntu-server branches rcj 1 comments main 2014-07-03
2014-07-04 Precise, Trusty, Utopic - ifupdown initialization problems caused by race condition 1337873 ifupdown (Harvest) core bugs inaddy In Progress Undecided main 2014-07-04
2014-07-05 lp:~saltmakrell/ubuntu/trusty/kicad/missing-modules missing-modules sru kicad (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches saltmakrell universe 2014-07-05
2014-07-07 lp:~israeldahl/ubuntu/trusty/lmms/lmms_1.0.0+stable lmms_1.0.0+stable sru lmms (trusty, Harvest) ubuntustudio branches israeldahl 6 comments, (Approve) universe 2014-07-07
2014-07-07 lp:~xnox/ubuntu-seeds/platform-init platform-init ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches xnox universe 2014-07-07
2014-07-10 lp:~tdb/ubuntu/precise/munin/fix-for-1066942 fix-for-1066942 sru munin (precise, Harvest) ubuntu-server branches tdb main 2014-07-10
2014-07-11 gnome-rr: Normalize the minimum brightness level. 1340544 gnome-desktop3 (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs laney Incomplete Undecided main 2014-07-11
2014-07-18 multipath udev rules problem 1240049 sru multipath-tools (trusty, Harvest) core bugs laney Incomplete Undecided main 2013-10-15
2014-07-21 SRU: ogre exception when starting - can't load library (no change rebuild) 1292308 sru freeorion (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs apoleon Fix Committed Undecided universe 2014-03-14
2014-07-24 ld:i386 crashes with -static -fPIE -pie 1266492 sru evolution-data-server (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs mathew-hodson Confirmed Critical main 2014-01-06
2014-07-27 lp:~alivema4ever/ubuntu/trusty/weechat/lp-1299347-fix lp-1299347-fix sru weechat (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches alivema4ever universe 2014-07-27
2014-07-29 please support systemtap traces in openjdk 1286895 openjdk-7 (Harvest) core bugs xtrusia In Progress Undecided main 2014-03-02
2014-07-31 krb5 database operations enter infinite loop 1347147 sru krb5 (trusty, Harvest) core bugs anders-kaseorg Triaged High main 2014-07-22
2014-08-01 Upgrading nslcd on precise rewrites /etc/nslcd.conf, leaving users with unusable systems 1350778 nss-pam-ldapd (Harvest) unseeded bugs nathanst Confirmed Undecided universe 2014-07-31
2014-08-03 lp:~dannf/ubuntu/utopic/lshw/devtree-fixes devtree-fixes lshw (Harvest) core branches dannf main 2014-08-03
2014-08-04 lp:~filip-sohajek/ubuntu/utopic/libgksu/fix-for-1338028 fix-for-1338028 libgksu (Harvest) edubuntu branches filip-sohajek universe 2014-08-04
2014-08-04 lp:~gunnarhj/ubuntu/utopic/fonts-android/droid-sans-fallback-fix droid-sans-fallback-fix fonts-android (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu branches gunnarhj 2 comments main 2014-08-04
2014-08-04 lp:~diodon-team/diodon/new-upstream-release-1.2.0 new-upstream-release-1.2.0 diodon (Harvest) unseeded branches sao universe 2014-08-04
2014-08-04 lp:~gunnarhj/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.utopic_lp1352142 ubuntu-touch.utopic_lp1352142 ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches gunnarhj universe 2014-08-04
2014-08-05 lp:~filip-sohajek/ubuntu/utopic/samba/fix-for-1330408 fix-for-1330408 samba (Harvest) core branches filip-sohajek main 2014-08-05
2014-08-05 lp:~fourdollars/ubuntu/trusty/unity-settings-daemon/1340544 1340544 sru unity-settings-daemon (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop branches fourdollars 1 comments main 2014-08-05
2014-08-05 lp:~sergiusens/ubuntu-seeds/tone_generator tone_generator ubuntu-seeds (upstream) unseeded branches sergiusens 1 comments, (Disapprove) universe 2014-08-05
2014-08-06 lp:~bbboson/ubuntu/trusty/unity-control-center/fix-for-1236612 fix-for-1236612 sru unity-control-center (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop branches bbboson main 2014-08-06
2014-08-06 lp:~bbboson/ubuntu/utopic/unity-control-center/fix-for-1236612 fix-for-1236612 unity-control-center (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop branches bbboson main 2014-08-06
2014-08-06 cairo needs merge from debian 1353362 cairo (Harvest) core bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided main 2014-08-06
2014-08-07 Merge openssl 1.0.1i-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1354110 merge openssl (Harvest) core bugs costamagnagianfranco Confirmed Wishlist main 2014-08-07
2014-08-08 multipath segmentation Fault (libmultipath: update waiter handling) 1354114 sru multipath-tools (precise, trusty, Harvest) core bugs inaddy New Undecided main 2014-08-07
2014-08-08 lp:~inaddy/ubuntu/utopic/pacemaker/bug-1353473 bug-1353473 pacemaker (Harvest) core branches inaddy main 2014-08-08
2014-08-08 lp:~inaddy/ubuntu/utopic/multipath-tools/bug-1354114 bug-1354114 multipath-tools (Harvest) core branches inaddy main 2014-08-08
2014-08-10 lp:~tj/ubuntu/trusty/grub-installer/lp1354730 lp1354730 sru grub-installer (trusty, Harvest) core branches tj main 2014-08-10
2014-08-11 lp:~tj/ubuntu/trusty/network-manager-openvpn/lp1252832 lp1252832 sru network-manager-openvpn (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches tj universe 2014-08-11
2014-08-11 lp:~noskcaj/ubuntu/utopic/blueman/merge2 merge2 blueman (Harvest) lubuntu,xubuntu,ubuntustudio branches noskcaj universe 2014-08-11
2014-08-11 ibus-anthy does not work on Utopic 1355141 ibus-anthy (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,input-methods,kubuntu bugs gunnarhj Triaged High main 2014-08-11
2014-08-11 please upgrade 14.04 with the 8.1.2c+dfsg-5 version 1355394 sru tango (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Undecided universe 2014-08-11
2014-08-11 lp:~canonical-platform-qa/dialer-app/fake_url-dispatcher fake_url-dispatcher dialer-app (upstream) unseeded branches ps-jenkins 13 comments, (Approve, Approve) universe 2014-08-11
2014-08-11 lp:~gunnarhj/ubuntu/utopic/libreoffice-dictionaries/lp-1308771 lp-1308771 libreoffice-dictionaries (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu branches gunnarhj main 2014-08-11
2014-08-11 Update Swedish spellcheck and hyphenation dictionaries 1308771 sru libreoffice-dictionaries (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs gunnarhj Triaged Low main 2014-04-16
2014-08-13 Trouble when removing transitional packages 778054 sru aptdaemon (trusty, Harvest) core bugs crichton New Undecided main 2011-05-05
2014-08-13 flashplugin-installer should depend on libnspr4 and libnss3 instead of libnspr4-0d and libnss3-1d 1262775 sru flashplugin-nonfree (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs ari-tczew New Undecided multiverse 2013-12-19
2014-08-13 lp:~ubuntu-mate-dev/ubuntu/utopic/policykit-desktop-privileges/mate-fixes mate-fixes policykit-desktop-privileges (Harvest) desktop-core branches flexiondotorg main 2014-08-13
2014-08-13 Build with tracker support 1076232 nautilus (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs darkxst Confirmed Wishlist main 2012-11-08
2014-08-13 lp:~jamesodhunt/ubuntu/utopic/multipath-tools/document-sync-option document-sync-option multipath-tools (Harvest) core branches jamesodhunt main 2014-08-13
2014-08-14 lp:~saiarcot895/ubuntu/trusty/openscenegraph/armhf-support armhf-support sru openscenegraph (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches mitya57 3 comments universe 2014-08-14
2014-08-14 openscenegraph 3.2.0~rc1 doesn't build on ARM (armhf), but builds fine in Debian 1284190 sru openscenegraph (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs mitya57 Confirmed Undecided universe 2014-02-24
2014-08-15 Merge cmake (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1357270 merge cmake (Harvest) core bugs costamagnagianfranco Confirmed Wishlist main 2014-08-15
2014-08-15 Please merge audit 1:2.3.7-1 (main) from Debian testing (main) 1357387 merge audit (Harvest) core bugs tyhicks Triaged Low main 2014-08-15
2014-08-15 Please merge amavisd-new_2.9.0-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1357424 merge amavisd-new (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs ari-tczew Confirmed Wishlist main 2014-08-15
2014-08-16 lp:~hjd/ubuntu/trusty/pbuilder/trusty-on-trusty trusty-on-trusty sru pbuilder (trusty, Harvest) core branches hjd main 2014-08-16
2014-08-19 lp:~abone/ubuntu/utopic/bash/fix-1358827 fix-1358827 bash (Harvest) core branches abone main 2014-08-19
2014-08-19 /etc/bash.bashrc checks for admin instead of sudo group 1358827 bash (Harvest) core bugs abone New Undecided main 2014-08-19
2014-08-19 update numpy to 1.8.2 in trusty 1358870 python-numpy (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs jtaylor New Undecided main 2014-08-19
2014-08-19 lp:~valavanisalex/ubuntu/utopic/inkscape/fix-1358863 fix-1358863 inkscape (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu branches valavanisalex main 2014-08-19
2014-08-19 lp:~manjo/ubuntu/utopic/flash-kernel/filter-useable-kernels filter-useable-kernels flash-kernel (Harvest) core branches manjo main 2014-08-19
2014-08-19 lp:~manjo/ubuntu/trusty/flash-kernel/filter-useable-kernels filter-useable-kernels sru flash-kernel (trusty, Harvest) core branches manjo main 2014-08-19
2014-08-20 sosreport needs to collect squid-deb-proxy info 1311131 sru sosreport (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server bugs crichton In Progress Medium main 2014-04-22
2014-08-21 lp:~brian-murray/ubuntu-qa-tools/faster-help faster-help ubuntu-qa-tools (upstream) unseeded branches brian-murray universe 2014-08-21
2014-08-21 Please merge csh 20110502-2.1 (universe) from debian unstable (main) 1357955 merge csh (Harvest) ubuntustudio bugs filip-sohajek Confirmed Wishlist universe 2014-08-17
2014-08-21 Sync binutils-msp430 2.22~msp20120406-5 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1359628 sync binutils-msp430 (Harvest) unseeded bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided universe 2014-08-21
2014-08-21 lp:~elementary-os/ubuntu/utopic/base-files/upstream-release-info upstream-release-info base-files (Harvest) core branches shnatsel main 2014-08-21
2014-08-21 lp:~elementary-os/ubuntu/utopic/lsb/upstream-information upstream-information lsb (Harvest) core branches shnatsel main 2014-08-21


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