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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2013-12-10 lp:~brunonova/oneconf/lp1165104 lp1165104 oneconf (upstream) ubuntu-desktop branches brunonova 10 comments main 2013-12-10
2014-09-11 Ambiance and Radiance are not completely compatible with MATE 1352961 ubuntu-themes (Harvest) core bugs janitor Triaged High main 2014-08-05
2014-09-11 MAAS does not use NTP servers specified in DHCPD options 1257082 sru isc-dhcp (precise, trusty, Harvest) core bugs racb New Undecided main 2013-12-02
2014-10-29 iSCSI volume detach does not correctly remove the multipath device descriptors 1374999 sru nova (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs brian-murray Triaged Low main 2014-09-28
2014-11-21 lp:~xav0989/ubuntu/vivid/mailman/ubuntu-logo ubuntu-logo mailman (Harvest) ubuntu-server branches seb128 4 comments main 2014-11-21
2014-12-07 lp:~xnox/system-service/pac-support pac-support system-service (upstream) unseeded branches xnox universe 2014-12-07
2014-12-18 [GNOME3 Staging PPA] strange shadow rendered where client-side decorations are used 1378188 xserver-xorg-video-intel (Harvest) desktop-core,xorg bugs mgedmin Triaged Medium main 2014-10-07
2015-01-01 ecryptfs does not work for domain users (AD, likewise/powerbroker) 1406940 ecryptfs-utils (Harvest) core bugs crichton New Undecided main 2015-01-01
2015-01-05 lp:~kramsmada/ubuntu/vivid/gnupg2/1407513-gpg-agent-set-ssh-env-vars 1407513-gpg-agent-set-ssh-env-vars gnupg2 (Harvest) core branches kramsmada main 2015-01-05
2015-01-10 apache2.2 SSL has no forward-secrecy: need ECDHE keys 1197884 sru apache2 (precise, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs jonathan00 Confirmed Wishlist main 2013-07-04
2015-01-11 lp:~xnox/ubuntu/vivid/nuntium/drop-sys-events drop-sys-events nuntium (Harvest) unseeded branches xnox 1 comments universe 2015-01-11
2015-01-15 [PATCH] Enable tuning of EXT images produced by lb_binary_rootfs 1411310 live-build (Harvest) desktop-core bugs daniel-thewatkins New Undecided main 2015-01-15
2015-01-18 gpg-agent upstart script doesn't set SSH environment variables 1407513 gnupg2 (Harvest) core bugs geser Confirmed Undecided main 2015-01-04
2015-01-24 sudo show predefine PAM prompt with some PAM Modules, no default sudo prompt 1414303 sudo (Harvest) core bugs crichton New Medium main 2015-01-24
2015-01-26 HTTPTunnel Client (from root) crashing when trying to connect 1414758 httptunnel (Harvest) unseeded bugs seb128 New Undecided universe 2015-01-26
2015-02-03 please merge t{cl,tk} 8.{5,6} from debian 1417563 merge tcl8.6 (Harvest) core bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided main 2015-02-03
2015-02-04 lp:~woodrow-shen/gnome-screenshot/fix-hidpi.trusty fix-hidpi.trusty sru gnome-screenshot (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop branches woodrow-shen 4 comments, (Needs Fixing) main 2015-02-04
2015-02-12 Unity Lockscreen in 14.04 can't unlock when using LDAP account 1314095 nss-pam-ldapd (Harvest) unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Undecided universe 2014-04-29
2015-02-13 lp:~nobuto/ubuntu/vivid/unzip/fallback-encoding fallback-encoding unzip (Harvest) core branches nobuto 4 comments, (Needs Information, Approve) main 2015-02-13
2015-02-14 lp:~dannf/debian-installer/arm64-cleanup arm64-cleanup debian-installer (upstream) core branches seb128 3 comments main 2015-02-14
2015-02-16 Default charsets handling for Windows archives in CJKV+th locale 1422290 unzip (Harvest) core bugs ikuya-fruitsbasket Triaged Medium main 2015-02-16
2015-02-16 Drop 20_add_alt_screen_toggle_ui.patch - it does nothing with vte3 >= 0.34.9 1340067 sru gnome-terminal (utopic, trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs brian-murray New Undecided main 2014-07-10
2015-02-18 lp:~niedbalski/ubuntu/vivid/curtin/fix-1263181 fix-1263181 curtin (Harvest) ubuntu-server branches smoser 2 comments main 2015-02-18
2015-02-21 lp:~ldgoodridge95/ubuntu/vivid/upstart/rm-libjson0-dev rm-libjson0-dev upstart (Harvest) core branches ldgoodridge95 main 2015-02-21
2015-02-22 Work area files mistakenly included in orig tarball 1424418 ecere-sdk (Harvest) unseeded bugs jerstlouis New Undecided universe 2015-02-22
2015-02-23 [nvidia-prime]Freeze while using touchpad 1220426 sru xorg-server (trusty, Harvest) core,xorg bugs masterexorcist Fix Committed Undecided main 2013-09-03
2015-03-01 lp:~chilicuil/ubuntu/vivid/ruby1.9.1/fix-1426828 fix-1426828 ruby1.9.1 (Harvest) unseeded branches chilicuil universe 2015-03-01
2015-03-04 Caching responses with "Vary" header 1336742 sru squid3 (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs r0lf Triaged Medium main 2014-07-02
2015-03-05 DHCP server does not work for IPoIB (Infiniband) 1401141 isc-dhcp (Harvest) core bugs inaddy In Progress Undecided main 2014-12-10
2015-03-08 virtualbox-guest-x11 uninstallable with mesa-lts-utopic 1424769 virtualbox (Harvest) ubuntu-cloud bugs tr33m4n Confirmed Undecided multiverse 2015-02-23
2015-03-08 [SRU] virtualbox and virtualbox-guest-additions-iso doesn't conflict anymore with the official packages. 1429614 virtualbox (Harvest) ubuntu-cloud bugs costamagnagianfranco New Undecided multiverse 2015-03-08
2015-03-08 freemedforms-emr crashes during network installation 1429631 freemedforms-project (Harvest) unseeded bugs dholbach New Undecided universe 2015-03-08
2015-03-17 lp:~niedbalski/ubuntu/vivid/rpcbind/fix-lp-1430181 fix-lp-1430181 rpcbind (Harvest) core branches racb 1 comments main 2015-03-17
2015-03-17 lp:~dannf/debian-installer/arm64-grubimages arm64-grubimages debian-installer (upstream) core branches dannf 2 comments main 2015-03-17
2015-03-19 lp:~niedbalski/ubuntu/vivid/lightdm/disable-nocpp disable-nocpp lightdm (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu branches seb128 1 comments main 2015-03-19
2015-03-19 [SRU] missing (anti) affinity support 1434150 python-novaclient (Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs freyes New Undecided main 2015-03-19
2015-03-25 FFmpeg security fixes March 2015 1436296 ffmpeg (Harvest) ubuntustudio bugs andreas-cadhalpun Confirmed Undecided universe 2015-03-25
2015-03-25 lp:~sdeziel/sysvinit/early-exit-ondemand early-exit-ondemand sysvinit (Harvest) core branches sdeziel main 2015-03-25
2015-03-31 Boot from an unique, stable, multipath-dependent symlink 1429327 multipath-tools (Harvest) core bugs crichton Confirmed Undecided main 2015-03-07
2015-04-01 [SRU] dnsmasq fails at leasing issues when using vlan mode 1006898 sru dnsmasq (precise, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server,kubuntu bugs niedbalski Triaged High main 2012-05-31
2015-04-03 aa-complain traceback when marking multiple profiles 1378095 sru apparmor (trusty, Harvest) core bugs xtrusia Confirmed Undecided main 2014-10-06
2015-04-03 lp:~philpem/ubuntu/utopic/ptouch-driver/fix-for-1342979 fix-for-1342979 sru ptouch-driver (utopic, Harvest) desktop-core branches philpem main 2015-04-03
2015-04-03 lp:~philpem/ubuntu/utopic/ptouch-driver/fix-for-1342979 fix-for-1342979 ptouch-driver (Harvest) desktop-core branches philpem 8 comments, (Approve) main 2015-04-03
2015-04-04 lp:~kumbarov/ubuntu/trusty/phylip/phylip-fix-1440240 phylip-fix-1440240 sru phylip (trusty, Harvest) unseeded branches kumbarov multiverse 2015-04-04
2015-04-07 [SRU] Update soundconverter with backported bugfixes for 2.0.4 1423709 sru soundconverter (trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs michele-giacomoli Fix Committed Undecided universe 2015-02-19
2015-04-07 Sync llvm-toolchain-snapshot 1:3.7~svn230892-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1441017 sync llvm-toolchain-snapshot (Harvest) unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Undecided universe 2015-04-07
2015-04-10 [SRU] Virtual private network connection fails after distribution upgrade due to outdated Network Manager configuration files 1297849 sru network-manager-vpnc (utopic, trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs costamagnagianfranco Triaged High universe 2014-03-26
2015-04-10 [FFe] Install Fcitx for Japanese users 1439006 language-selector (Harvest) core bugs crichton New Undecided main 2015-04-01
2015-04-13 lp:~binli/ubuntu/trusty/modemmanager/lp1441095 lp1441095 sru modemmanager (trusty, Harvest) core branches binli main 2015-04-13
2015-04-13 Please update regulations to support VHT 1284093 wireless-regdb (Harvest) core bugs fo0bar Confirmed Undecided main 2014-02-24
2015-04-13 -host in auto.master not mounting nfs exports 1386869 sru autofs (utopic, Harvest) core bugs xtrusia In Progress Undecided main 2014-10-28
2015-04-14 multipath-tools-boot: support booting without user_friendly_names on devices with spaces in identifiers 1432062 multipath-tools (Harvest) core bugs mauricfo Triaged Medium main 2015-03-13
2015-04-14 lp:~binli/ubuntu/trusty/casper/overlayfs overlayfs sru casper (trusty, Harvest) desktop-core,ubuntu-server branches binli main 2015-04-14
2015-04-15 Add more POWER8 optimizations 1444241 openssl (Harvest) core bugs mauricfo New Undecided main 2015-04-15
2015-04-15 can not invoked in shell 1444279 mingetty (Harvest) unseeded bugs crichton New Undecided universe 2015-04-15
2015-04-15 Remmina crashes using the Mir GTK backend 1444132 remmina (Harvest) ubuntu-desktop bugs vanvugt In Progress Undecided main 2015-04-14
2015-04-15 lp:~larsu/gtk/lp1444174 lp1444174 gtk (upstream) unseeded branches larsu universe 2015-04-15
2015-04-16 Please merge libcgroup 0.41-6 (universe) from Debian testing (main) 1445036 merge libcgroup (Harvest) unseeded bugs serge-hallyn Confirmed Undecided universe 2015-04-16
2015-04-16 lp:~jamesodhunt/ubuntu/vivid/ubuntu-core-upgrader/bug-1435774 bug-1435774 ubuntu-core-upgrader (Harvest) unseeded branches jamesodhunt universe 2015-04-16
2015-04-18 lp:~gunnarhj/ubuntu/trusty/fonts-android/roboto-fix roboto-fix sru fonts-android (trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu branches gunnarhj main 2015-04-18
2015-04-19 multipathd changes the underlying disks of mpathX devices when filesystems are mounted 1445973 multipath-tools (Harvest) core bugs crichton In Progress High main 2015-04-19
2015-04-20 cloud-init does not have the SmartOS data source as a configuration option 1398997 sru cloud-init (vivid, trusty, Harvest) ubuntu-cloud,ubuntu-server bugs crichton Confirmed Medium main 2014-12-03
2015-04-21 gvfsd-metadata causes 100% CPU usage 517021 gvfs (Harvest) core bugs monsta-mint Confirmed Medium main 2010-02-04
2015-04-21 No video playback possible - side pane empty 1445829 sru totem-plugin-arte (utopic, trusty, Harvest) unseeded bugs and-sam In Progress Undecided universe 2015-04-18
2015-04-24 package clamav-daemon 0.98.6+dfsg-1ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2 1438745 clamav (vivid, Harvest) ubuntu-server bugs crichton Fix Committed High main 2015-03-31


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