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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2017-03-25 lp:~cosmos-door/unity-settings-daemon/lp1514544-zesty lp1514544-zesty unity-settings-daemon () ubuntukylin,mythbuntu branches cosmos-door universe 2017-03-25
2017-05-10 lp:~kaihengfeng/unity-settings-daemon/lp1683445 lp1683445 unity-settings-daemon () ubuntukylin,mythbuntu branches kaihengfeng universe 2017-05-10
2017-09-12 pykerberos for trusty does not include CVE-2015-3206 fix 1716429 sru pykerberos (trusty) security bugs mlafon Confirmed Medium universe 2017-09-11
2017-09-21 crash on amd64 1718687 sru discover (artful) unseeded bugs janitor New Undecided universe 2017-09-21
2017-09-22 crash in, AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'unlink' 1652641 apt-xapian-index () kubuntu bugs amribrahim1987 Confirmed Medium universe 2016-12-26
2017-10-05 lp:~vanvugt/gtk/fix-1698270 fix-1698270 gtk () unseeded branches vanvugt universe 2017-10-05
2017-10-09 gnutls28 in trusty no longer validates many valid certificate chains, such as 1722411 sru gnutls28 (trusty) core bugs janitor Confirmed Undecided universe 2017-10-09
2017-10-23 pull-{lp,debian}-source not getting source for binary because DDE is dead 1453330 ubuntu-dev-tools () unseeded bugs ddstreet Triaged High universe 2015-05-09
2017-10-24 nova-novncproxy process gets wedged, requiring kill -HUP 1715254 sru websockify (trusty) unseeded bugs xtrusia Triaged Medium universe 2017-09-05
2017-10-31 lp:~hellosimonvall/ddtp-ubuntu/artful artful ddtp-ubuntu () unseeded branches hellosimonvall universe 2017-10-31
2017-11-09 [16.04] no autocomplete and multiple errors due to expecting different python-bottle version 1730731 ycmd () unseeded bugs tj In Progress Undecided universe 2017-11-07
2017-11-09 various applets occasionally crash on transparent panel 1675888 sru mate-panel (zesty) ubuntukylin,ubuntu-mate bugs monsta Triaged Low universe 2017-03-24
2017-11-09 mate-panel crashes on empty Icon field in any .desktop file 1676840 sru mate-panel (zesty) ubuntukylin,ubuntu-mate bugs monsta Triaged Low universe 2017-03-28
2017-11-09 Unknown signals from indicator applets crash notification-area-applet 1695648 sru mate-panel (zesty) ubuntukylin,ubuntu-mate bugs monsta Triaged Medium universe 2017-06-03
2017-11-09 Cannot add files/folders to panel by dragging 1690517 sru mate-panel (zesty) ubuntukylin,ubuntu-mate bugs brian-murray New Undecided universe 2017-05-13
2017-11-10 default dependancy should be python3-powerline 1575802 powerline () unseeded bugs crichton Confirmed Medium universe 2016-04-27
2017-11-10 powerline version from repository is not compatible with fish version 1726441 powerline () unseeded bugs crichton In Progress Undecided universe 2017-10-23
2017-11-16 package rsplib-legacy-wrappers (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man1/terminal.1.gz', which is also in package ubuntu-terminal-app 0.7.218ubuntu2 1651161 ubuntu-terminal-app () unseeded bugs 9.5matakoue Confirmed High universe 2016-12-19
2017-11-21 Support the new 280 character limit. 1730927 sru corebird (artful) unseeded bugs rinni Confirmed Undecided universe 2017-11-08
2017-11-21 python3-lttngust tries to load unversionned agent library 1733683 sru ust (zesty, artful, xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs crichton New Undecided main, universe 2017-11-21
2017-11-22 [Trusty] iscsitarget-dkms fails to build on linux-lts-xenial kernel 1732746 sru iscsitarget (trusty) unseeded bugs cascardo In Progress Medium universe 2017-11-16


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