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2018-03-17 git-svn coredumps 1451028 subversion () kubuntu bugs janitor Confirmed Medium universe 2015-05-02
2018-10-20 Sync Request: gnome-subtitles-1.4.1 from Debian testing to Ubuntu bionic and xenial 1798955 sync gnome-subtitles () cli-mono bugs pedrocastro New Wishlist universe 2018-10-20
2018-11-16 jtreg fails to run under openjdk-8 due to api incompatibility with openjdk-9 or later 1803628 sru jtreg (bionic) unseeded bugs janitor New Medium universe 2018-11-16
2018-11-23 Lua dynamic libraries isn't enabled 1804865 scite () unseeded bugs gusnan New Low universe 2018-11-23
2018-12-04 [needs-packaging] It should be possible to use some initramfs-tools-ubuntu-core scripts in classic systems 1788601 ubuntu () unseeded bugs alfonsosanchezbeato In Progress Wishlist universe 2018-08-23
2018-12-18 multilib selects wrong start files 1767223 sru newlib (cosmic, bionic, disco) unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Medium universe 2018-04-27
2018-12-20 Please upgrade ubuntukylin-theme to 1.8.0 1809214 upgrade ubuntukylin-theme () ubuntukylin bugs feng-kylin New Low universe 2018-12-20
2019-01-08 libytnef: February 2017 multiple vulnerabilities (X41-2017-002) 1666884 sru libytnef (trusty, xenial) security bugs mjog Incomplete Medium main, universe 2017-02-22
2019-01-11 invalid nanosecond may be returned in file times 1811353 smbnetfs () unseeded bugs abone New Medium universe 2019-01-11
2019-01-13 [SRU] Update to maintenance release 2.1.5 in Xenial 1595358 upgrade, sru lyx (xenial) kubuntu bugs jsonic Triaged Low universe 2016-06-23
2019-01-14 Remove fbxkb from sync blacklist 1811718 fbxkb () unseeded bugs jbicha New Wishlist universe 2019-01-14
2019-01-21 CPU Governor setting does not persist after reboot 1809024 ubuntustudio-controls () ubuntustudio bugs eeickmeyer Fix Committed Low universe 2018-12-18
2019-01-29 false positive on tcpd 1808882 sru chkrootkit (cosmic, bionic) unseeded bugs vorlon In Progress Low universe 2018-12-17
2019-01-30 [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.13 in bionic 1803136 upgrade, sru vala (bionic) ubuntu-desktop bugs ricotz New Low universe 2018-11-13
2019-01-30 [SRU] Update to vala 0.42.5 in cosmic 1803138 upgrade, sru vala (cosmic) ubuntu-desktop bugs ricotz New Low universe 2018-11-13
2019-02-03 [SRU] Update to maintenance release 2.2.4 in Bionic 1811571 upgrade, sru lyx (bionic) kubuntu bugs crichton Confirmed Low universe 2019-01-13
2019-02-09 Potential data loss in CryFS 0.9.9 (fixed in 0.9.10) 1815320 cryfs () kubuntu bugs cryfs New Undecided universe 2019-02-09
2019-02-12 [SRU] Please accept zeroc-ice to supported releases 1815684 upgrade, sru zeroc-ice (bionic) cli-mono bugs y-jose In Progress Low universe 2019-02-12
2019-02-14 Update to new upstream 1.0.2 1814562 upgrade zeitgeist () ubuntu-desktop bugs ricotz New Low universe 2019-02-04
2019-02-18 Please upgrade kylin-nm to 1.0.1 1816331 upgrade kylin-nm () unseeded bugs feng-kylin New Undecided universe 2019-02-18


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