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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2017-10-23 rewrite pull-[lp|debian|uca]-source 1453330 ubuntu-dev-tools () unseeded bugs mapreri Incomplete Wishlist universe 2015-05-09
2017-10-31 lp:~hellosimonvall/ddtp-ubuntu/artful artful ddtp-ubuntu () unseeded branches hellosimonvall universe 2017-10-31
2017-12-30 lp:~davidmhewitt/system-service/fix-1740596 fix-1740596 system-service () unseeded branches davidmhewitt universe 2017-12-30
2018-01-17 gnutls28 in trusty no longer validates many valid certificate chains, such as 1722411 sru gnutls28 (trusty) core bugs sil2100 Fix Committed Medium universe 2017-10-09
2018-05-19 [bionic SRU] Port libjsyntaxpane-java 0.9.6~r156-7 java9 crash to bionic 1770809 sru libjsyntaxpane-java (bionic) unseeded bugs fnatter New Undecided universe 2018-05-12
2018-05-28 [SRU] Missing static libs in the -dev package metadata 1773811 gazebo () unseeded bugs tsimonq2 New Undecided universe 2018-05-28
2018-06-09 Sync rkhunter 1.4.6-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1776012 sync, sru rkhunter (bionic) unseeded bugs tsimonq2 New Undecided universe 2018-06-09
2018-06-11 Screen sharing panels abort using an non-existent vino gsettings key 1741027 unity-control-center () ubuntukylin,mythbuntu bugs alainb06 Confirmed High universe 2018-01-03
2018-06-15 libytnef: February 2017 multiple vulnerabilities (X41-2017-002) 1666884 sru libytnef (trusty, xenial) security bugs mjog Incomplete Undecided main, universe 2017-02-22
2018-06-18 Add support for purple-telegram (telepathy-haze) 1708375 telepathy-mission-control-5 () kubuntu bugs khurshid-alam Confirmed Undecided universe 2017-08-03
2018-06-21 browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash broken 1778041 sru freshplayerplugin (bionic) unseeded bugs gunnarhj In Progress High multiverse 2018-06-21


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