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Time in Queue Summary Item Type Source Package Origin Last Comment Status Importance Component Date Created
2019-09-19 kpatch 0.5.0-0ubuntu2 ADT test failure with linux 5.3.0-0.1 1837886 sru kpatch (bionic) unseeded bugs brian-murray New Low universe 2019-07-25
2020-04-29 missing dependencies 1868594 sru ausweisapp2 (focal) unseeded bugs tginzler Confirmed Low universe 2020-03-23
2020-05-28 openjfx is missing native libraries for webkit and media 1877000 sru openjfx (focal) unseeded bugs paulg-chiark Confirmed Medium universe 2020-05-05
2020-06-14 Typo in lxsession-edit package description 1085355 lxsession () unseeded bugs ryaeng Confirmed Low universe 2012-12-01
2020-06-18 [SRU][focal] Fix segmentation fault during umount.davfs2 1884004 sru davfs2 (focal) unseeded bugs mhodson New Medium universe 2020-06-18
2020-07-02 missing support for python3.8 language features 1883175 upgrade, sru pycodestyle (focal) i386-whitelist,kubuntu bugs mdeslaur Fix Committed Low universe 2020-06-11
2020-07-12 [SRU Patch Available] Cinnamon custom keyboard shortcuts don't work until logout 1882375 sru cinnamon (focal) unseeded bugs sil2100 In Progress Low universe 2020-06-06
2020-08-18 CVE-2019-8936 1891953 sru ntp (groovy, focal) security bugs janitor Confirmed Medium universe 2020-08-18
2020-08-19 Please merge debmirror 2.33 (universe) from Debian testing (main) 1892110 merge debmirror () unseeded bugs sigv Confirmed Wishlist universe 2020-08-19
2020-09-02 Sync supertuxkart 1.2+ds-1 (universe) from Debian sid (main) 1893994 sync supertuxkart () unseeded bugs oibaf Incomplete Wishlist universe 2020-09-02
2020-09-09 openvdb6.2 is non functionnal on Focal due to jemalloc 1882998 sru jemalloc (focal) i386-whitelist,ubuntustudio bugs richard-nz New Medium universe 2020-06-10
2020-09-14 [FFe] sync sdformat 9.3.0+ds-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1895553 sdformat () unseeded bugs j-rivero New Wishlist universe 2020-09-14
2020-09-27 Sync syncthing 1.9.0~ds1-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1897447 sync syncthing () unseeded bugs mitya57 Fix Committed Wishlist universe 2020-09-27
2020-09-28 Sync syncthing 1.5.0~ds1-6 (universe) from Debian testing (main) into focal 1897622 sync, sru syncthing (focal) unseeded bugs mhodson New Wishlist universe 2020-09-28
2020-10-02 Enable building for aarch64 1898140 acpi () unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Wishlist universe 2020-10-02
2020-10-13 could not install jskeus under 20.04 1899572 jskeus () unseeded bugs k-okada New Undecided universe 2020-10-13
2020-10-15 Leaks memory on client disconnect while using TLS 1899841 icecast2 () unseeded bugs unit193 New Undecided universe 2020-10-14
2020-10-19 Sync gpaste 3.38.2-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) 1900480 sync gpaste () unseeded bugs amribrahim1987 New Undecided universe 2020-10-19


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