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2017-09-07 GTK+3 doesn't show FUSE/GVFS, smb (SMB/CIFS), sftp (SFTP/SSH) network shares in file chooser 1714518 sru gtk+3.0 (trusty, xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs rosco2 Triaged Low main 2017-09-01
2018-02-18 Consider enabling --color by default 1691214 iproute2 () core bugs crichton Confirmed Wishlist main 2017-05-16
2018-03-01 Compiler warning about possiable overflow in devname.c 1739889 util-linux () core bugs reeves-87 New Low main 2017-12-23
2018-03-15 the net installer doesn't install gnome-vanilla 1751546 tasksel () core bugs darkxst Triaged High main 2018-02-25
2018-03-17 git-svn coredumps 1451028 subversion () kubuntu bugs janitor Confirmed Medium universe 2015-05-02
2018-04-12 dh_translations doesn't strip .desktop files when more than 1 pot target with meson 1762889 sru pkgbinarymangler (bionic) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs jbicha Triaged Medium main 2018-04-11
2018-05-15 lp:~chris787/installation-guide/ubuntu-18.04-changed-supported-hw ubuntu-18.04-changed-supported-hw installation-guide () core branches chris787 main 2018-05-15
2018-06-02 lp:~xubuntu-dev/livecd-rootfs/xubuntu-base xubuntu-base livecd-rootfs () desktop-core branches rbalint 1 comments main 2018-06-02
2018-06-27 iproute2: frr route protocols are not converted to string on xenial 1771783 iproute2 () core bugs nicolas-dichtel New Wishlist main 2018-05-17
2018-07-03 iproute2: unable to add ip lwt mpls route on xenial 1771764 iproute2 () core bugs nicolas-dichtel Triaged Wishlist main 2018-05-17
2018-07-13 [SRU] WoWLAN settings are not supported 1781597 sru network-manager (bionic) ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs sil2100 Triaged Wishlist main 2018-07-13
2018-07-16 Error in system information after logging in to your account 1780071 landscape-client () ubuntu-server bugs simpoir New Medium main 2018-07-04
2018-08-14 Languages always shown with English names 1786881 gnome-control-center () ubuntu-desktop bugs robert-ancell Triaged Medium main 2018-08-14
2018-08-17 libnfsidmap2 fails to obtain username which results in failed translation 1728310 libnfsidmap () core bugs ulrich-felzmann Confirmed Medium main 2017-10-28
2018-08-21 Installation of DMRaid should automatically add necessary modules to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules 1683105 dmraid () core bugs psusi Triaged Medium main 2017-04-16
2018-10-16 Serious performance degradation of math functions 1663280 upgrade, sru glibc (xenial) core bugs fw In Progress Low main 2017-02-09
2018-10-20 Sync Request: gnome-subtitles-1.4.1 from Debian testing to Ubuntu bionic and xenial 1798955 sync gnome-subtitles () cli-mono bugs pedrocastro New Wishlist universe 2018-10-20
2018-10-22 ubuntu18.04's libfreetype6 2.8.1 has a bug of rendering bitmap font 1769132 freetype () core bugs seb128 Confirmed Medium main 2018-05-04
2018-10-23 The wlan/bt hotkey doesn't work for all Dell Latitude and Precision computers 1799364 sru systemd (cosmic, bionic) core bugs amias Fix Committed Medium main 2018-10-23
2018-10-24 Patch: Add configuration for german provider winSIM 1799647 mobile-broadband-provider-info () ubuntu-desktop,kubuntu bugs laney New Wishlist main 2018-10-24
2018-10-29 lp:~sil2100/livecd-rootfs/bionic-core-series-per-suite bionic-core-series-per-suite livecd-rootfs () desktop-core branches rbalint 1 comments main 2018-10-29
2018-11-09 Notifications emitted by a snap with local files or desktop files use wrong namespace 1802483 sru libnotify (bionic, xenial) desktop-core bugs crichton In Progress Medium main 2018-11-09
2018-11-12 [SRU] refresh memcached static assets after upgrade 1802226 horizon (disco) openstack,ubuntu-server bugs corey.bryant In Progress Medium main 2018-11-08
2018-11-14 fetch-url does not use --no-check-certificate on HTTP to HTTPS redirects 1803385 sru debian-installer-utils (cosmic, trusty, bionic, xenial) core bugs mfo In Progress Medium main 2018-11-14
2018-11-16 jtreg fails to run under openjdk-8 due to api incompatibility with openjdk-9 or later 1803628 sru jtreg (bionic) unseeded bugs janitor New Undecided universe 2018-11-16
2018-11-23 Lua dynamic libraries isn't enabled 1804865 scite () unseeded bugs gusnan New Low universe 2018-11-23
2018-11-28 Ubuntu dock/launcher is shown on the lock screen 1769383 sru gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (cosmic, bionic) security bugs hellomiakoda In Progress High main 2018-05-05
2018-11-29 openssl: After symbol versioning, distributed pkgs are missing API symbols (e.g. EVP_PKEY_asn1_set_item) 1763870 openssl () core bugs crichton New Undecided main 2018-04-14
2018-11-29 systemd-resolved has issues when the answer is over 512 bytes with EDNS disabled 1804487 sru systemd (cosmic, bionic) core bugs bryanquigley Fix Committed High main 2018-11-21
2018-12-04 [needs-packaging] It should be possible to use some´┐╝ initramfs-tools-ubuntu-core scripts in classic systems 1788601 ubuntu () unseeded bugs alfonsosanchezbeato In Progress Wishlist universe 2018-08-23
2018-12-07 after upgrade to bionic, printing fails without explanation / logs / debuggability 1763520 sru gtk+3.0 (cosmic, bionic) ubuntu-desktop bugs till-kamppeter In Progress Undecided main 2018-04-12
2018-12-10 lp:~mwhudson/livecd-rootfs/live-server-no-openssh-server live-server-no-openssh-server livecd-rootfs () desktop-core branches rbalint 1 comments main 2018-12-10
2018-12-11 Fixing bug #1795668 breaks thumbnail creation on 32-bit Ubuntu 1807127 sru gnome-desktop3 (cosmic) security bugs pt123 Fix Committed Critical main 2018-12-06
2018-12-17 [SRU] Slow startup with zram-config installed (/dev/zram0) or encrypted swap 1781746 initramfs-tools () core bugs mantas Confirmed Undecided main 2018-07-14
2018-12-17 netbooting the bionic live CD over NFS goes straight to maintenance mode : 1755863 sru systemd (xenial, cosmic, bionic, disco) core bugs vtapia In Progress Medium main 2018-03-14
2018-12-18 multilib selects wrong start files 1767223 sru newlib (cosmic, bionic, disco) unseeded bugs janitor Confirmed Undecided universe 2018-04-27
2018-12-20 Please upgrade ubuntukylin-theme to 1.8.0 1809214 upgrade ubuntukylin-theme () ubuntukylin bugs feng-kylin New Undecided universe 2018-12-20
2019-01-03 E1000 guest to host escape 1809156 virtualbox () security bugs ebarretto In Progress High multiverse 2018-12-19
2019-01-08 libytnef: February 2017 multiple vulnerabilities (X41-2017-002) 1666884 sru libytnef (trusty, xenial) security bugs mjog Incomplete Medium main, universe 2017-02-22
2019-01-11 invalid nanosecond may be returned in file times 1811353 smbnetfs () unseeded bugs abone New Undecided universe 2019-01-11
2019-01-13 [SRU] Update to maintenance release 2.1.5 in Xenial 1595358 sru lyx (xenial) kubuntu bugs jsonic Triaged High universe 2016-06-23
2019-01-14 bold font rendeing in Java is broken in Cosmic with OpenJDK 11 1799014 freetype () core bugs crichton Confirmed Undecided main 2018-10-21
2019-01-14 Remove fbxkb from sync blacklist 1811718 fbxkb () unseeded bugs jbicha New Undecided universe 2019-01-14
2019-01-17 Login screen showing Authentication Failure Switch to greeter... 1733557 unity () unseeded bugs rael-gc Confirmed Undecided universe 2017-11-21
2019-01-17 Missing null termination in PROTOCOL_BINARY_CMD_SASL_LIST_MECHS response handling 1573594 sru libmemcached (xenial, cosmic, trusty, bionic, disco) security bugs slashd In Progress Medium main 2016-04-22
2019-01-18 sftp method should support alternate port 1812174 dput () core bugs seb128 Fix Committed Wishlist main 2019-01-17
2019-01-18 Sync ntpsec 1.1.3+dfsg1-1 (universe) from Debian sid (main) 1812458 sync ntpsec () unseeded bugs rlaager Confirmed Undecided universe 2019-01-18
2019-01-19 Sync cpu-checker 0.7-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1812514 sync cpu-checker () ubuntu-server bugs logan New Wishlist main 2019-01-19
2019-01-19 Sync lsvpd 1.7.9-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main) 1812515 sync lsvpd () core bugs logan New Wishlist main 2019-01-19


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