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2020-08-31 lp:~ycheng-twn/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity:0001_mark_install_enhancement 0001_mark_install_enhancement ubiquity () ubuntu-desktop branches ycheng-twn main 2020-08-31
2021-01-07 lp:~jsquyres-cisco/ubuntu/+source/shim:pr/better-make-cert-field-values pr/better-make-cert-field-values shim () ubuntu-desktop branches jsquyres-cisco 1 comments main 2021-01-07
2022-03-16 lp:~fritzdaswiesel/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity:fritzdaswiesel_bug1963697 fritzdaswiesel_bug1963697 ubiquity () ubuntu-desktop branches fritzdaswiesel main 2022-03-16
2022-05-04 Iranian calendar shows in Azerbaijani language 1891270 ubiquity () ubuntu-desktop bugs esmaeele Fix Committed Low main 2020-08-12
2022-07-12 E: 15binfmt: touch: cannot touch '<snip>/usr/libexec/qemu-binfmt/s390x-binfmt-P': No such file or directory 1939974 sru schroot (trusty, bionic, focal, xenial) ubuntu-desktop bugs vicamo In Progress Undecided main 2021-08-15
2022-08-30 `debsums -c` returns the error of /sbin/start-stop-daemon 1978931 sru ubiquity (jammy, focal) ubuntu-desktop bugs janitor New Undecided main 2022-06-16
2022-11-06 lp:~mestrelion/ubuntu/+source/branding-ubuntu:use_svgz_cards use_svgz_cards branding-ubuntu () ubuntu-desktop branches mestrelion main 2022-11-06
2022-11-10 lp:~2bdkid/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity:fix-1396379 fix-1396379 ubiquity () ubuntu-desktop branches 2bdkid 3 comments main 2022-11-10
2022-12-26 lp:~gary-wzl77/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-prime:fix_undefined_variable fix_undefined_variable nvidia-prime () ubuntu-desktop branches gary-wzl77 main 2022-12-26
2023-03-15 lp:~roxanan/ubuntu/+source/dkms:trigger-build-when-meta-only trigger-build-when-meta-only dkms () i386-whitelist,ubuntu-desktop branches roxanan main 2023-03-15
2023-03-16 [sru] sos upstream 4.5.1 2009338 sru sosreport (kinetic, jammy, bionic, focal) ubuntu-desktop,ubuntu-server bugs slashd Incomplete Undecided main 2023-03-06
2023-03-23 Add new feature BUILD_EXCLUSIVE_CONFIG to jammy as well 2012612 sru dkms (jammy) i386-whitelist,ubuntu-desktop bugs crichton New Undecided main 2023-03-23


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